Hey fam, Long time no see

Been awhile since i’ve played. Just personal things came up and just didn’t have the time. Anyways, hoping to start up again. So can I get a TLDR overview of what all has happened since like April? Last I was on, movement and weapon tunings were changing every other day, everyone was pretty cranky, and TC management was changing. Somehow I doubt anything has improved. I have also been on a heavy workout schedule and can now beat @GhostofDelta2 in a MMA match. Bring it.

Hope to get the gang back together. @T0NY_HAYABUSA @ll_R_E_D_l @xx_Echoes @TSU_Silent @SM0KIN_D4BS @KXNG_TEARFUL and (cringe) @Mark36111 I’ll probs be on this weekend.



Well dag nabbit! I was just speaking to Ghost about you and thought you went AWOL. I legit haven’t played in a long time besides when red and I ran through the campaign.


Of course y’all were talking about me. I’m legendary.
And yeah, I did kinda drop off the face of the earth lol. Been a rough time. But all is good now. You gonna be on anytime this weekend?


I’m on every day playing The Division 2 until next Friday when Ghost of Tsushima comes out for PS4.


Oh you did. We hadnt noticed /s


Dude, you missed me. Don’t lie😁


Doesnt every father miss their son when they just disappear???


Oh good grief


@T0NY_HAYABUSA @ll_R_E_D_l as much as I love the tear-jerking “welcome back” You haven’t actually answered my questions…

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heres your answer


Ask them not me. I can’t tell you anything about the game.

Ok that made me laugh…

Welcome back David

TLDR of the last few months:

  • New shooter control scheme
  • The rest of the carmine brothers are now in PvP
  • Adhesion has been removed from all PvP modes, (As far as I know)
  • Perfect actives on loadout weapons no longer provide damage or fire rate boosts, and perfect active zone on loadout weapons has been moved to start of active zone, (PvP only)
  • Drop rates where changed in PvE , you can get every rarity on any difficulty now
  • They currently have a dev playlist that slightly slows down the slide speed (from 650 to 600)
  • and this that they dropped a few days ago:

Operation 4

New Characters and Maps
New Ranked System
New store including an earnable currency
PvE updates
Ongoing quality of life improvements

Operation 5

New Characters and maps
Complete separation of characters and classes
Improved quitter mitigation
Ongoing quality of life improvements

Yesterday they talked about ranked and how they are overhauling the system, its a long post so heres the link:

And today and tomorrow they have some more announcements to make , heres the schedule:

What’s Next in Gears 5, Tuesday, July 7 at 2:30 pm PT
New Ranked System – Wednesday, July 8 at 3:00 pm PT
New store including an earnable currency – Thursday, July 9 at 3:00 pm PT
PvE updates – Friday, July 10 at 3:00 pm PT

They are also having dev streams on the same days to talk about those topics,

Also Dom is confirmed for operation 4, plus potentially classic delta skins (they where in the mini trailer)

There you go you should be all caught up now

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So it is not only me (and maybe @Ektope) who plays The Division 2 nowadays! :sunglasses:

Ok great. Thanks man

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Welcome back, my boy.

An update? Hm…let’s see. Gears 5 has got simultaneously better and worse.

Does that help?

You’re welcome.


Welcome back bro! Well you’ve decided to come back at a good time. Things haven’t looked this promising for the Gears franchise in a long time. Things are really starting to turn around.

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Been playing religiously since WONY.

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Where is my boy @AliceInChainsaw