Hey add this charather

Hey add back the onyx guard for a pack but when the pack event is over make him/her craftable


Won’t happen, if they do add the onyx guard he won’t become craft able until much later.

What’s a charather?


Unless they keeping it a suprise, it is unlikely Gears 4 will get more new characters as they said they would have to try get the VA once they are available and make the character skin.

Its too much trouble/time consuming at this point as all focus is on Gears 5. This is why they done mostly rehashes this year as they can simply rehash dialogue.

Its getting the VA in studio is the biggest problem for them I believe.

Char + rather = charather?
A character they rather have.


I’ve been thinking that Onyx Guard would’ve been added at this stage of game.
But we already had a requested Lambent Locust recently…
So Onyx Guard could be possible.

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Yup. From the developer’s stream it was cited as a significant factor.

I think alone it’s not a super big issue, but if you consider the time it takes to create the character model, and that the development team is focusing on the new Gears games, then anything to reduce the workload would make a big difference.

Having said that I believe they will keep supporting the game until early 2019, so I think there’s a possibility that we’ll get one more new character with a unique voice actor. I don’t think it will be a named unique character, but Onyx Guard is a good shout given they can use any voice actor without it causing too much fuss (unlike say Barrick or Paduk who have a particular established voice).

Also I asked how many people working on supporting Gears 4

So there is live team designer & Producer, 3 engineers and live QA team (not sure how many but I assume like 5?). So theoretically only 10 people working on Gears 4.

But in terms of character stuff there’s only 1 producer and designer for Gears 4

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Its strange how TC won’t make a Vday pack, since there is already some v day characters, and they don’t need VA’s, as they can reuse the lines.

Maybe it will come during Gears 3 7 year anniversary? Who knows.

I know crazy, would of thought onyx guard would of been in a pack by now. It probably won’t happen. I just hope Gears 5 have characters to grind for.

Maybe they will add a color blast v day pack :scream: lol

yes bring itttt