Heroic Venom skins look wrong (Swarm side)


Small, but funny little detail:

The green ‘venom’ doesn’t really colour any green when on the Swarm side: (looks very dark instead)


Why does it even need to change? Should just be the same skin whoever you play as. Green venom doesn’t clash with either side

Kinda put me off grinding how whack it looks for swarm, although the screenshots may not help anyone got any better quality ones?

Dying for chrome steel Clayton btw :rofl::rofl:

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Don’t think it’s meant to change colour depending on which side you play as. (Since it’s mainly meant for Horde players) It should be like it’s on Clayton/Cog side, but it turns very dark when you’re on Swarm.

The skin is alright. But very grindy when you’re not a Horde player.

Will try to get some in-game screenshots next time… :sweat_smile::joy:

What is mostly meant for horde players?

The weapon skins in question… tho he meant PVE, not just Horde, as you earn them through either Horde or Escape leveling each class to 20. But you prob get more XP for a 50 wave Horde so I can understand what he was saying… just a guess on that XP thing, cause I’m strictly PVP lol so sadly I’ll never have those skins.

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That’s what I was curious about. I’m basically an only PVE player but mostly escape and not horde. Was curious why he was saying horde only.

Yeah my bad. Forgot that you can unlock them through Escape as well… :sweat_smile:

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They still are even as a PvE main.

Dam son where u find that at?

What do you mean exactly? How I get the skin, or how I found out about the problem?

The skin my bad lol i should if just said that :sweat_smile: but u know couldnt pass up the opportunity lol

They should remove it from COG too.

I don’t see the downside.
White and Gold looks good but the green ruins the set.

Getting the Infiltrator class to level 20 unlocks the Gnasher. :wink:

Wtf I’m glad I dont use those skins/play versus because yuck!

These skins fit well with my grandmoms coffee dishes.


Kinda looks cooler without the green, honestly lol.

So what kind of heroic skins there are!? :thinking:

For every weapon. (Earnable in PVE, Class lv20)

Including a Heroic Jack skin, and more coming as well. (According to the latest developer stream)