Heroic Kait skin and other hidden

Is it possible to still get heroic Kait skin ? I know black Steel was exclusive but heroic shows greyed looks to be the only 1 I’m missing. can it still be obtained and how ?

Reach reup 60. It’s that ‘simple’.


I mean, it is actually trivially easy to do. Re-Up XP is the easiest thing to grind.

I’ve got a friend that basically never plays Gears anymore who is re-up 60 with almost no versus played and level 2-4 PVE cards.

It’s easy, but if you’re just a casual gears player with an average amount of time to play, forget it. Unless you’re fairly high already.

My wife wants her really badly but she’s only re-up 22. With how much time she puts in, it’s not going to happen.

I wonder how painful and boring it should have been and what did happen to get only level 2-4 cards ?

I play regularly for fun (escape and horde) and re-up 60 since some days. It took me hundreds of hours but I wouldn’t have done it without having fun. In the process I am nearly max on all classes (promo’s and jack included)

See, that’s the thing, it’s not painful or boring at all.

You don’t actually have to play the game to grind re-up XP.


It’s behind me but maybe it could help newcomers. This is also why I am wondering how during this XP gain you stay with low level cards.
For achievement targets you need both XP but also CXP to get all classes to 20 (you know this).
If not by playing PVE, it is by XP repetitive methods, isn’t it ? Otherwise I don’t know how to … which is possible.
I read many threads and about LE method (boring) Clock master or Surge insane speed run (boring also). I understand there could be others that could be not boring ?

AFK as Jack on Master in a solo match. Gives time based exp for 5 hours (roughly) per wave.

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Understood ! Of course … I thought you were stop by the system at some point and that why I did not think about this.

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Yeah. I’ve got a couple of friends who’ve been playing GOW5 since launch, but only a couple of Horde games every week and they’re around reup 30-35. Grinding is easy but still takes time.

Each control game levels me up about 2 1/2 levels each game. Shouldn’t take too long :3

Don’t you get kicked for being AFK even while going solo?

Not as Jack, sometimes you may drop from the server (but your exp still counts).

On very rare instances I have seen people being kicked, but not sure if they have done something different. I just hit to load in on Allfathers and then would go to bed, the first wave will start after 5 minutes.

I did this a TON.


Good to know.

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That sounds great but if you AFK then nobody dies. You’re invisible but the moment, you as Jack on Master, try to kill something, you’re as good as DEAD. I don’t see a timer for each wave. The waves don’t end until the last guy is dead. So do you as Jack just stay invisible on Wave 1 and just sit there for hours? Is that what you’re saying? I have no problem leaving my Xbox on AFK for hours at a time if this is the reward.

That is what I did overnight and got tons of exp. Saved a lot of grind. You get time based exp for about 5 hours per wave and then it stops counting up.

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I tried it and I can’t believe it worked. Just put it on Master Solo or Private then while invisible just sit still away from any bad guys and chill for a few hours. NOTE: You automatically become visible if you come close to a bad guy. I’ve been playing for years and I didn’t know that until I looked it up today. LoL

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Who the hell using the words Heroic and Kait in one sentence!? :wink:

I used to put bots on too. Sometimes they’d get to wave 10 and take the boss to a sliver of health, then I’d just finish them off and get a card for my troubles. Back in 2020-2021 when I was pretty much working from home all of the time I’d have the game on in the background and occasionally revive them.

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Explains how people can be reup 60 and still play like a bot.