Hero Weapons-Anyone?

Hello All,

Since Horde now has a Hero system, why not have a “Hero” gun?

I mean they kinda already have this in the game with the Relic weapons. Why not have it so that when you Max out a Character you get a Unique to Hero weapon ‘upgrade’.

To put it in context. Like Marcus for Example. He is a Legend. So why not have a beefed up Mk3 Lancer that only a Marcus can use.

In terms of unlocking, they could just add a quick update for each character when maxed at 18 gets a 2nd Legendary Card that will essentially unlock this Gun for use. It can have other additional bonuses as well for Damage or whatever, but thought this would be cool little extra thing to add into the game, that is kinda already there.

So my fellow Gears, what do you think?


I support the idea :+1:


I wish they would give the custom lancer to Marcus in Horde as he is using in the first act. It functions differently from the mk3 lancer used in the game.

But in the last dev stream, they showed that they’re pretty adamant about not adding in more cards to horde characters.

That upsets me considering there’s 4 people in horde with half the amount of cards as the others.

They said they didn’t want 4.0 to get as crazy with the cards as 3.0

That would be cool, and pretty much exactly what I thinking.

I mean when you think about it, everyone is remembered with their Gun of Choice. What actually gave me the Idea was playing GOW3 beast mode. All the Hero’s in that have that kinda setup.

Although, Clayton with a Boomshield and Boltok always bothered me. I mean the Dude has a Tattoo of a Lancer on his arm. WTF man! lol

The halo/terminator characters were designed like that for a reason. They were designed to play differently than the other heroes and not to overshadow them.

Kat for example, is an engineer but she was designed to be a support engineer along side Del or to be an engineer who can throw up a base if there is no Del in the lobby. She was never designed to replace Del in any way.

I see.

Ok, well how about something like an extra card slot just for the “Hero Gun”? This would still keep it as 5 for the other card slots.

What are your thoughts on that?

Well all right :crazy_face:

It would definitely increase money for TC as well, as you could potentially combine this with Legendary Gun Skins.

As in, you can only see set Legendary skin with the character Maxed out, and the free extra spot there for the Hero gun. It would also help with keeping the player base around so they can grind to that max level.

I mean I know I would.

Except for her ult she literally has nothing Del doesnt.
Emile has some unique melee perks for escape.
Grace I think has some ok melee perks but need a mace.
Sarah has some stagger.

I see why they didn’t want them to be OP but right now they are very under powered. Im running into lobbies that say “No Kat/Emile”
They should at least be as viable as the default chars. Why else would people buy them if they dont bring anything new to the table? At this rate Kat might have been better off as a skin for Del that gives a different ult.

Play with me mate!!

I don’t care who you pick :+1:

This would be sick and hopefully it will be a thing when they increase the level cap of characters

Awesome. Glad you see the same potential something like this could bring.

I mean the leg work is already there from TC. Regarding the relic weapons. So maybe this will be thing?

One can only hope :sunglasses:

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I think the reason people say “no kat/emile” is for the reason that kat doesn’t get a discount on fortifications. And playing on master with a Del vs a Kat is pretty self explanatory. There is also some other cards involved mainly Overclocked lockers. I know I’d rather take a locker that can refill quicker over one that doesn’t.

As for Emile, mainly because he is a CQC play style. I know that if I’m running a higher difficulty I’m not gonna want a guy who runs out to melee and doesn’t even get a kill before going down then having to risk another person/COG ult to get him back up again.

Sorry hulk for not contributing to your convo and only focusing on the character side of it.

I always wanted them to bring back the Relic weapons, after I played the campaign I thought that the relic weapons would be like pick ups. But they only added them to the game so its something else to do in the campaign.

I’d love to use the relic longshot in Horde. Miss the days when hitting the active on the longshot gave you 2 shots in it rather than a bit of extra damage

Hey no Worries,

With how stressful the game can be with certain things, I find it fun to dream about what could be someday.

But yea totally not mad in anyway.

But if they added the relic for Horde then that’s what 16 weapons? With what I was thinking, this could be like one added for 11 new characters.

I dunno. Would be cool though.

Maybe don’t add them to horde as a pickup weapon but maybe being able to buy one from the fab for a few extra energy. Maybe have the restrictions they have now with each character only being able to buy certain weapons. Maybe have them unlock in the fab once you hit lvl 18. The only bad thing is that I think some weapons aren’t obtainable on the COG side but only on the Swarm (E.I. The torque bow) don’t quote me on that tho.


Anyone of those options could work. But if we are gona treat them as powerful Legendary Weapons then they should have a level restriction and cost a hella more Energy.

Only issue I can see though is what would happen when you place it on a WL? It would have to have some kinda lock system where anyone other than you cannot pick it up.

Or maybe even just have it as a one-off. So its super powerful but the ammo you get is what you get until you buy another one. I feel if it was done this way, it could be even stronger due to the ammo limitations. :slight_smile:

Definitely with the no weapon locker and limited ammo.

It should be a buy and use till its gone kinda thing with a limit of 1 relic weapon per 10 waves. By this I mean say buying a relic longshot on wave 5 then only being able to buy another on wave 11 and so on

Oh man!!!

The fun that could bring. Of come on TC lets do it!

Appreciate the fellow insight. I enjoy brainstorming like this :slight_smile:

Thanks again.