Hero Re-Upping Idea/ Thoughts?

Hey everyone,

So after playing Gears 5 for awhile now and seeing the very interesting new re-upping system. :frowning:

Wouldn’t it be cool if at some point down the road they added a re-upping system to the Hero’s?

This would be cool and it would increase the fun of the game and longevity.

Maybe add like 3 re-ups?

  1. could be, level cards up to max level 6
  2. could be add a reduction to personal upgrades in the match. For Hero’s with no personal maybe they just a further discount to building or something.
  3. allow for a 6th card to be chosen

I dunno, maybe something like this?

What do you all think? What do you think would be cool re-ups?

Post your thoughts below. Thanks Gears!


That would be a very cool idea! Which level would up be able to re-up at, 16 or 18?

Well, 16 for the first one, 17 for the next one and then on 18 would be done.

What do you think? It could work right?

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Definitely. I like the idea!

I like this idea.

Thank you.

I’m going to use this to win my disagreement with my son:). Be like see, its not such a bad idea haha

Thanks again.

New Re-Up System?

Also I think it’s an okay Idea. But I doubt it’ll happen. If it does you’ll just earn a Winter Camo Boltok for your troubles.

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Prob not even the gun itself.

Just Winter Camo ammo probably. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post.

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Don’t give them ideas…


TC has made noise that they’re going to introduce an additional level for skill cards already. I think they said superfluous cards aren’t able to be scrapped because the extra cards would give players a headstart towards the next up.

I like the idea of being able to re-up characters, with each re-up giving said character a permanent bonus.

Marcus re-ups once and can get +10% rifle damage. Twice and also gets 10% damage resistance.

Kait could get a permanent 3% speed boost then +10% regeneration speed. I’d even welcome lower priority stuff like +15% Retro damage.

Del +10% damage with DB weapons then +1 roller on his ultimate


Mass Effect 3 multi allowed players to re-up and it seriously extended replayability.

This is good, but his resistance to damage needs to go up more than 10%. I’m not saying he has to be damn near unbeatable, but he does need a good amount of buff in order to reflect the ‘tank’ he’s supposed to be. His lack of resistance and broken kit make me sad.


I agree with you but would view the re-up bonuses as more of a supplementary boost than a game changer.

In terms of where he’s at now, I could stand to see his in-game ammo regeneration perk replaced with damage reduction.

Or the health buff, which really doesn’t do much I’ve tested it several times, be replaced with damage resistance. Just something to make him more viable.

Winter camo blood spray.

Winter cammo boot sticker, but only the left boot, and only about 2" tall.

Might be unpopular but i think going to 18 three seperate times is still fair. Those rewards would be game changing, I really like the idea.

Thanks Guarana,

I truly hope something like this comes down the line. Since they are doing a Hero system there is always that chance that your favorite character is released and his kit is like…WTF is this.

So I feel that if something like this was implemented then at least you would have a little more customization.

I mean hey, they could even do it maybe like class based. Tanks get more Health and Damage resistance, Offence gets more Ammo and Damage. Scouts get more Power and Speed. Snipers more Critical’s and Ult reduction. Engineers get more Bonus to build reduction and Ult speed reduction.

I mean there is so much they can add here. Even adding a Relic weapon unlock at like 18 or something.

Any who I’m rambling now lol.

Thanks for the post.

I would rather have no heroes and no cards and go back to Gears of War 2 or 3 style horde where anyone could become just as capable as anyone else without any rng and needless grinding.

Anyway if your proposed re-up system were to be implemented it would just be another barrier of entry for people to get into games. There is already inherent judgement based on character level, re-up levels would just make it worse.

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Wouldn’t say for sure till its done. Sometimes you just have to swing until you get a hit.

I understand the want to go back to G2 and G3 syle. However, ive already played that style and appreciate the attempt at something new. I mean who knows they could always add a special horde option that allows for non Hero based play.

Any who, thanks for the post.