Here's why XBox Live tournaments are a chance for us

Esports is heavily moderated, the entry barrier is too high for casual or semi professional players: go to special websites, register, get together a reliable team and so on.

I dont want all of this crap! i just want to participate in tournaments with players who are like me: the strangers i meet in social or ranked and my friends. By that i mean players who are playing this game on a daily basis for fun and are willing to participate in LFGs or community events. Technically, XBL Tournaments is a variation of LFGs with predefined organisation, i like the idea and it is as easy as putting up an LFG-post.

I think its time to give this this tool to us regular players to enhance community engagement for the game. implement Xbox Live tournaments support for Gears, so players of all types can come together and fight it out.

Most important argument IMO
this way you could permanently implement modes like 1v1, Wingman, Gnashers only on Raven Down, OSOK or Free For All, without watering down the Versus-playlists. People do this stuff anyway on LFGs and private matches, so your really kicking in an already open door.

This way even community events can profit and be easier for all encouraged people: i think about evil one and all the other guys doing great work for us as a playerbase. Also many players are the hoster type of guy, playing by LFG exclusively and many of them give private tournaments already. Make these people life easier by giving us this opportunity.

The ones who post the tournament can provide prizes (Gearpacks or Credits that they earned), or Presetprizes defined by the game itself and/or require a limited amount of gears credits as entry fee, which will then get added to the prizepool for the first 3 placed players… or just play for fun without anything like that. add a little bit of tiers from matchmaking to even out participants and we should be good to go. i think this is a chance now that xbl supports communitybased tournaments, its a way to gain more control over whats happening in the community itself rather of leaving to external moderation and possibly get dissapointed.


Again, a topic that i expected from you and i agree. I like the idea but havent high hopes, because not many games use the function on Xlive, which is a pitty. Gears doing that would be extraordinary, something new.


Thank you, due to the competetive nature of gears i actually have high hopes for it someday. also the tournament functionality is still new to xbl, just like LFGs and LFGs are accepted by the playerbase now as something useful. I think with time it will be more relevant.

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you want tournaments like this , then do i have some good news for you there is a group who runs these types of tournaments here on the forums and will be having one in the next month or two

its the GFC and here is out Twitter , we will be setting up shop here on the forums real soon , stay tuned to the forums and our Twitter for all details


Well if so id like to know if you support this idea…? If we want things like this to succeed it should be accessible for everybody. i dont want to be forced to be a part of a group or movement.

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I had weekly tournaments going for Amatuer, semi-pro and pro players to compete in for cash prizes however left it after two successful tournaments.

The reason…

because the community wasn’t as interested in it as clans or teams that compete competitively. It would be good to have amateur players getting involved in tournaments but i guess majority of the players just cannot be bothered with it.



yeah, the interest has to come by the community itself and we have to give them the proper tools so it can evolve and gain momentum. gears is a game, that needs dedication for progress, so do the activities you do there. anything new to bring players together is needed. i see many amateurs interested in putting time and effort into gears, the playlists are finally populated again. why not now, so people like you can keep up their community efforts?

edit: i think i didnt get how to quote in here… :confused:


You have a point, well I’ll put something up, a quick fix for some fun, my idea personally how i think it will work for players of all types is using the All star team system.

For instance, we get 10 players for a little tournament for the community, not all of the people participating will have a buddy so why not randomize the teams and mix people up for fun.

There are many ideas that i can bring and was previously heavily working hard to get the ocmmunity envolved


agree, you could mix teams up or apply matchmaking for it, there are a lot of possibilities. yet it shouldnt be rocket science to implement it for the live team

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I am being a bit of a pleb here but how would you apply match making?


well, they have to implement a part of the game with the tournament system anyway i guess, how should it work with other titles? i mean thats the reason games need support for it… normal lfg just triggers what you can do anyway, but xbl tournaments are a little bit more special i guess. i think the live team of gears could handle that.

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the GFC runs tournaments for everyone , no one is forced to do anything , we will be doing tournaments every one or two months plus events like horde events and other fun things spread inbetween


This would be a great opportunity for those of us who play with people in various regions. If memory serves, players competing in the pro leagues must all be from the same region, which limits who you can play with if you, like me, play with a diverse group. At least opening it through Xbox Live tournaments would offer players a chance to play for fun or to hone their skills without the pressure or some of the restrictions on the eSports side.

While I’m unsure of any actual implementation ideas (or how Xbox Live tournaments work), perhaps it could be a sort of addition to Fight Nights without the intensity, but I do not want to suggest eating away at TC staff personal time away from the studio. Perhaps some of the moderators of the Gears streams could be authorized to host these types of things on a regular basis.


i see it as a tool to drive whole community events, not only esportslike activities. with the proper implementation we dont need any moderation

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THATS the thing: They dont need to be authorized, they can run their own events over XBL! Heres the thing, its open to everybody and its a way to organize community driven events… the more i think of it the more i like it!

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