Heres my take on the tech test so far

The game is most definitely improved I appreciate the direction the game is going in, fir the next gears I think we need some sort of speed govenor or maybe every one gets a new controller with the game and no matter what plat form you are using you have to use this new controller , preventing mods because as long as PC is involved things will be rediculous, aim bots and impossible movement patterns there needs to be something that governs this, my thought is maybe a controller a person buys with a chip in it that cant be broken into not sure if that would even work at all I’m not a tech guy, but I do love the way things are going, tho it does seem like some one from call of duty got hired on for gears at least it’s the important improvements that were introduced into gears, no more curving bullets, or bullets coming out of butts or elbows, the only in game problem I’ve ran into that seems to do with code was i kicked a meat sheild and my character froze in place, beyond that something needs to be addressed about some players being able to input more commands than others in any given allotted amount of time, I still see a really big issue when my connection is 20 to 30 and theirs is 65 to 100 they get to move faster and they have a faster firing rate from their weapons