Here's my rough draft version for any updates we might get in the future

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(The COG)

Dizzy Wallin
Tai Kaliso
Minh Young Kim
Alicia Valera
Michael Barrick
Young Jace
Gears 2 Tai
Gears Judgment Baird
Gears Judgment Cole
Gears Judgment Paduk
Sofia Hendrik
Clayton Carmine
Onyx Guard (male)
Onyx Guard (female)
Gears 1-2 Gear (male)
Gears 1-2 Gear (female)
Gears 3 Gear (male)
Gears 3 Gear (female)
Gears 1-2 Marcus
Gears 1-2 Dom
Gears 1-2 Hoffman
Bernadette Mataki
Anthony Carmine
Benjamin Carmine
Outsider (male)
Outsider (female)
Outsider JD
Outsider Del
Outsider Kait
Gary Carmine
Tomorrow Anya
Samantha Byrne
Gilded Fahz
Adam Fenix
Cole Train
Thrashball Kait
Navy Merchant Dizzy
Big Rig Dizzy
Black Steel Winter Kait
Black Steel Injured JD
Black Steel Winter Del
Black Steel Fahz
Black Steel Paduk
Black Steel Gary
Black Steel Sofia
Black Steel Dizzy
John Connor
T-800 (Guardian)
Noble Six (male A)
Noble Six (male B)
Noble Six (male C)
Noble Six (female A)
Noble Six (female B)
Noble Six (female C)

(The Swarm)

General RAAM
General Karn
Queen Myrrah
Uzil Sraak
Jinn’s Shepherd
Locust Drone
Locust Grenadier
Locust Sniper
Locust Grenadier Elite
Locust Theron
Beast Rider
Locust Cyclops
Gears 2 Beast Rider
Savage Drone
Savage Grenadier
Savage Grenadier Elite
Savage Theron
Elite Theron
Palace Guard
Thrashball Drone
Elite Imago
The Speaker
DeeBee Shepherd
DeeBee Deadeye
DeeBee Ninja Shepherd
Sangheili Minor
Sangheili Spec Ops
Sangheili General

How dare you forget Anya Stroud!!!

ooppss Just saw Tomorrow Anya on your list. Its all good now.:upside_down_face:

Kinda pointless to speculate at this point. Might as well just say “here’s a list of gears MP characters from previous games”.


You’ve got COG and Swarm but you forgot to detail who the Spaghetti Western Characters are?


I wonder if vanity will get the better of the Ginger Viking this time :wink:

Also I “demand” more Sam outfits! !! and voice lines, which I know is highly unlikely. I will even take Chloe’s lines from.Uncharted multiplayer.

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This list is mediocre at best. Only reason why is because you didn’t add Griffin to it.


Hey @GearsCharacters I didn’t know you changed your name!

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You could’ve just said the rest of the members of noble team instead of using letters and also there’s only one female from that team and her name is Kat and she’s already playable.

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