Here's my commercial idea for gears 6. The Coaltion (TC) bring this to your board meeting

TC, Bring the following to your board meeting: picture this;
The commercial is TC’s employees/leaders, stating the following w/ their actual face appearance at/near the end:

Now here’s the general idea for the words to be spoken: "Video game critics for the most part disregarded gears 5’s buggy broken fact when reviewing our game. We didn’t, and we fired all those who gave us these obvious bad ideas and made the game more broken w/each update… for the most part.

Just have a look at all the bad tweets and comments the fans have given gears 5. Here’s one now. (reveal comment) we agree with you, b/c gears 5 was basically unplayable and broken/buggy for every operation we had till completion… gears 5 did suck major league ball game. (Just my words, you can reword it however you’d like.)
However your words penetrated our hearts, and this is what gears 6 has succumbed to… take it away other guy’s name: "no bullet magnetism, a solution to the shotgun/sniper inaccurate (& unconsistent) barrel aim, and a solution to all bad ping that is revolutionary to the entire video game industry!!! (For example, just click video here, at this link here, by simply typing this in your nearest search bar here [hopefully no one try’s to drive to a bar asking about search… just a thought.) but that’s not all, look at the new movement mechanics… allow “Ess phenomz” voted the best gears wall bouncer to do all the talking. Say this about “ess phenomz” (Insert his wallbounce to play with your background voice) [say the following:] if you ever wanted to see the best in action, here he is… Now get practicing. (as video plays)

(Now show the new shotgun & sniper in action, as someone eliminates opponents in multi-player via fast kill streak kills.) [Say:…]
“We turned over a new leaf” and are so confident you’ll like gears 6 so much that… we showed our faces [show your faces, as you talk] and to prove your trust we signed a contract stating that we’re all held accountable to jail time w/by this guy… […** if we are lying/ making false advertisement**…cue in the guy who is accountable to hold you all accountable… like show their bachelor’s degree or something.]
Now If you want to support solutions, and our new solution… “solutions are the solution!”. Then you all know what you… all got to do. (One guy whispers: “buy the game”) After a guy says “buy the game”. The leader is like: what! You weren’t suppose to superimpose that! (Now the guy Goes:) but how elese would they… the leader goes: I suppose…your fired… just kidding (both laugh)… then he goes maybe.

With this idea maybe everyone who may have assumed all Gears of war games are like gears 5… will give gears of war another chance. Why? B/c more people could realize, that apparently gears 5 wasn’t all that people [fans/critics for example] wanted and actually did suck (as far as a broken Strange assemble of a game goes) and return to give gears of war another chance. Also maybe people who lost trust/ faith in The Coalition will return to the franchise.

@GB6_Kazuya lol

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Never gonna happen

This isn’t a commerical idea.

It’s not even an idea.


OP did not expect this reaction lmao


If I lose faith in TC, no ads will bring me back, less if TC employees appears instead of showing real gameplay.

No worries, It’ll be a commercial of gameplay and their faces.

It sounds like you have no idea what the OP is talking about. But don’t worry. Nor does anyone else here.


TC! Don’t listen to them… I’m like your biggest fan… make that commercial Pronto!! Pretty Please, thank you

I’m always surprised when anyone responds as if they do have an idea

I mean, jail time for not delivering a good game is definitely an idea. This is definitely legally enforceable. Just, not in any developed country. Maybe in North Korea if GOW was developed there and it happened to be Kim Jong-Un’s most anticipated game of [insert year].

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It’s not really that I mean, but Incase they do false advertising or no solution and/or new/ good solution to the issues in question. That, & if they go against their motto/slogan. (Their new one after this…)

So what do you mean then? I mean, you wrote an entire post about something… which I presume was what you meant to do.

I think you might need to do some research into advertisement law.

So… jail time for not being able to find a good solution…?

What motto or slogan? How do you go against a slogan? Wheaties’ slogan is “the breakfast of champions” - does that mean if you eat Wheaties and don’t become a champion then it’s going against the slogan? How does one go against Nike’s slogan (“Just do it”)?


Yeah I didn’t even bother reading OP. I just know the author has a history of writing posts that are difficult to make sense of myself. Went straight to post #2 which confirmed it wasn’t worth my time lol.

I want to know exactly what the good Shepard is smoking. It’s certainly strong.


It probably will take out the whole water bending nation.

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There’s a problem. I’m not sure anyone who still works at TC is remotely responsible for our complaints about G5 nor could they manage another Title Update to address any problems. There’s so much dissolution of responsibility that they can claim deniability.

Since they can deny any responsibility, they won’t express it, and any attempt at reconciliation like your hypothetical commercial would just come across as disingenuous. (at least to us)

The new batch coming in for G6 or whatever they’re currently working on likely won’t have any relation to G5, not so much we could pinpoint. (like Michael Shannon where we’d say ‘We’re saved!!’ or like Rod and we’d know we’re doomed)

It was a nice thought, and it would be cathartic to us if they would do it. I’d worry that the true newbies to Gears would be scratching their heads though. Would it make as much sense as the Mad World trailer and get them to buy it like it did me?

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I’ll show you all, let’s see what @GhostofDelta2 @TCC_CONDOR @TC_Octus @TC_GEARS @TCGearsHelp @TC_MichaelAOS @TCBcryingTLC @TC_Clown @Forza_Cali @grey_mineman, @ Rod Furgussion @ cliffy B thinks about all this… he’ll/ she’ll/they’ll/ it’ll/ actual identified nobodies will show you all… you’ll see!
… you’ll all see! (Only can @ 10 people per post)
Mu ah ah ha ha haha ha haha ha haha ha! Pinky up, thumbs up, fists clenched/ fingers clenched, .(…teeth clenched?.. anything eles to be clenched?..) open hand palm… over-open hand palm; full of food, feed, live stock and drinks! [OH, and don’t forget the actual barn in the palm of my hands… palm readers too…? Anyways yes, yes, and more yes please and thank you. Mua ah ah haha ha!] Point and case. (Code name…?) Mua ah haha ha ha!.. Ha ha!.. Ha ha! Ha ha!.. to be continued…)

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Right, yeah, that’s it, I’m tuning out of this thread now…


Get some help OP, I mean that with sincerity.