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(GB6 Kazuya) #21

Gears 3 was still very active until Gears 4. That’s where I was. I didn’t even consider purchasing Judgment.


I think gears 3 still has more people than gears 4 to this day. It’s just a better game. Lag compensation ruined gears 4

(Ektope) #23

IMO, lack of dedicated server(s) in EU for Gears 3 seemed to ruined it.
It was very laggy last time and I suspected I connected to US region.


Gears 4 is the new gears judgement. Most of my gears 3 friends played gears 4 and didn’t like it. They went straight back to gears 3 after like a day. Shotgun inconsistency, lag and overall the game plays slower than gears 3.


One of my biggest problems with gears 4 is the reload button. In gears 3 and all the other gears if you’re in a shotgun battle and you accidentally hit the reload button you’re still able to shoot you’re gun. In this game the reload must be completed before firing again. I h8 this new feature

(GB6 Kazuya) #26

(Bleeding Pepper) #27

Maybe they could add a system where players can pick 3 game modes to search for simultaneously in the order of preference. That way players get the option of getting a game in say, their 2nd or 3rd choice game type if theit 1st choice takes ages. Would that be hard to implement?