Heres a idea to solve two problems at once

Players hate quitters
Players want free iron

So offer people who don’t quit vs mode a small amount of iron for staying until the match ends.Let the Winning team get 10 iron each,Losing team gets 5 iron each.
But if anyone quits no one gets any iron.This way TC doesn’t have pay out any iron if teams don’t finish the match,if TC willing to put some iron on the table then you gotta play by there rules.


Ignoring the fact that TC wouldn’t give iron as a reward for completing ranked matches (Scrap would be much more likely than the premium currency). People shouldn’t need an incentive for completing ranked matches. If you don’t have the time to complete the match, play quickplay. Ignoring disonnects for a second, most people quit ranked matches out of frustration by being stomped or bad hit registration.

If you’re quitting because you’re losing then ranked isn’t for you.


Terrible idea. Matches would be completely overflowing with AFK iron farmers. The game would become completely unplayable.


The point i making give someone good reason not to quit because current quit penilties are NOT being effective,so try something else! Instead of just punishment try a reward system.

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Iron isn’t going to happen as a reward. I can pretty much guarantee you that. There’s no way TC would do that because people would just play ranked to get iron and not actually buy it. Scrap would be a decent alternative that I think TC would actually go for if they decided to implement a reward system for players who consistently complete ranked games.

Even with an incentive, I don’t think that would stop people from quitting. A lot of people quit out of frustration of losing. Those people can’t be helped. In my opinion if you can’t handle the sweatiness in ranked, you have no place in ranked.

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Any char that spends more the 10 second not moving gets removed a replaced.

Not even close to a solution.Rubber band trick on X-box. Autohotkey on PC.

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Earning 5 or 10 iron at a time,if they can finish match with out quitters, would take alot of time,so i think TC would still sell lots of iron either way.

Yeah…I’d rather just earn some iron for leveling up or something. Just not quitting shouldn’t really need a reward lol

Any char running in a circles will stick out but if you want nit pick this idea to death go right ahead,clearly you must have no ability to think outside the box for soultion to tough problems.

And? AFKers stick out already.

Your “thinking outside the box” creates worse problems. It’s the furthest thing from a solution, it will exacerbate pre-existing problems.

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You lost me here. Why should the other 9 players be punished due to 1 player quitting or disconnecting.


Really wanting iron this bad you had to make the most flimsy possible solution. I’ll give you $5 of iron to not make a thread like this ever again.

They should make like 50 iron for completing all three dailies. Would still need to spend two weeks to get a character skin but dailies aren’t that bad and you get one free re-roll.

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This is for fairness to TC if there willing to give a little iron as part of all players finishing a match then there needs to be a undestanding that your all either in it till the end or you all lose out,With any risk vs reward seniro,you have to have something at risk hence TC putting some bonus iron on the table,it’s up to both sides to decide how bad they want it.

Not in your scenario, it’s up to 1 person out of 10 to decide if they want to ruin it for everyone.

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If i want any iron i’ll buy it,like i have done already,i thinking of ways to help others who want to earn a little iron,who are you to trash me for offering a suggestion for helping deal with quitters in another way ,by trying to give both problem a combo fix.

Solution you said:

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It’s not really you people are criticizing, it’s the idea you presented us with. When people don’t agree with it, it isn’t nitpicking or trashing you, it’s because they don’t like the idea.

Having only 1 person in the match determine whether you get iron or not, doesn’t work. Rather than coming up with reasons you think it would work, take the criticism your idea is getting and try to incorporate it to make the idea more solid.

It’s great you’re thinking of ways to make the game better. Sometimes sharing online can be a little difficult, but there’s always a middle ground to be found through engagement, rather than just writing people off because you feel attacked.


If only that were possible. They made it clear that they want our money first and foremost.

I’m only suggesting as possible way to cut down on quitting and rewarding those for staying to the end plus those who want to earn a few extra peices of iron have a path to do it.Until TC come up with something that works,i figure they might need a few ideas to mull over until they can.