Here we go again with matchmaking

I know the game is barely out but getting instantly matched in Usa servers with 150ms ping when I get 60ms ping to europe.

Atleast make an effort to find me a game in my area instead of instantly throwing me in US servers…

The game hasnt released in Us yet. Are you sure your not getting matched in Asia or other Servers???

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LOL 60 ping in EU and you live in Europe!!

You connect with dial-up potato connection?!!

When I connect to EU servers my ping is between 2-6 and East Coast USA 60-80

That could be the best that his ISP offers in his area you BIGOT

How IMPOSIBLE is create an option that say

Play vs WIFI users YES/NO.

This option will solve 95% of the problems with people with 120-150 ms. A lot of the are on WIFI

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You don’t understand what bigot means.

Let me educate you.


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While having a 120-150 ping can mean someone is on wifi, it doesnt always mean that. The best way to tell is the fluctuations that go on.

How do you know if your ping is 2ms?

The lowest it ever shows is 5ms.

During the late night launch around the globe, we expect to see a bit more of this as most people can’t play this late into the evening (or if they are, most are in Campaign).

It should normalize over Friday. Let us know if you’re still encountering issues.


No they will NEVER do this. How silly…it will split the population and most users are on wifi. Have fun not playing games lol

Nobody that play FPS/TPS competitive play on WIFI only “casuals” still on wifi. To be honest WIFI is for nintendo switch or for smart phones not for ps4-xbox serious games

The dedicated servers should be helping you in this case.

I think you are being placed in different countries’ servers for now. The whole world can’t play gears yet and for the countries that can, only those with the ultimate edition can play.

Soon you will get great connection :slight_smile:

I can barely finish a VS game. At this point it’s over 24 hours since ‘launch’, but we’ll call it what it really is: Tech Test Week 3. How are we supposed to get 1 Ranked win a week if we can’t even stay in a match long enough to finish much less win one? I even tried all the modes, still doesn’t matter. I’m getting kicked from the servers in all the modes. I also couldn’t even load up the campaign until halfway through today, couldn’t even load into single player campaign on launch day.

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Well its been a few days and i just did my first ranked. got put straight into a american lobby as an European that is not how its supposed to work.

i got the same issue here… played today well over 10 matches… i got matched in USA all of them

this is the worst matchmaking ever. what a fking ■■■■■■■ pf a devs

I ain’t on WiFi bud, the ping sucks on this game for me and all of my friends too, and only in this game.
I assume we’re being placed on US instead of European servers?

I’m now getting a RAGANI error message everytime I search for a escape or horde game I get to the lobby load in then wait about 5 mins then get the error message I had no problems yesterday then started happening about 2 hours ago

yup all europeans play on US servers, and the people who call themselves devs are saying on twitter that stability is all they care about now and will look at this issue later… well maybe your potato servers are crashing because two continents are connected to us servers?