Here, have rockstar codes (From UK Cans)

Doesn’t matter what can it is, if you put in a 7th and 8th code you should get the circle k and wallmart stuff, I did and I don’t have a wallmart or circle k where I live

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For any UK dwellers, I’d suggest trying Asda. I’ve been to three different Asda stores and found these Rockstar cans in all three. I haven’t seen a single one in any other supermarket chain though.

I suspect it’s cos Asda is owned by Walmart.

I got mine from a paper shop near me, don’t have an asda near me

Hi, i’m from France. I’ve seen only Today this rockstar deal. Someone have 3 codes for me please? We don’t have this in my country. Thank you

Hey mate, very late to the party here. Don’t suppose you have any codes? Thanks :+1:t2:

you cant enter them anymore.

Can I get a code any skin preferably kait but idc which. My gamer tag is WatersOfLife101. I really want one. I’d be a miracle if I got one though lol thanks