Here, have rockstar codes (From UK Cans)

I’ll send you a ring pull code as well. Just when I get through them though.

I appreciate it. You don’t have to do that though :slight_smile:

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I dont mind man. The codes just give me boost now. Already got 50 days worth of that.

They other two asked first but I’ll remember mate, itll be whenever I open one to drink.

I appreciate it. I’m not in a rush. I was gonna buy them on eBay anyway :slight_smile:

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Grab em people, you get a few nice lancer skins. I’ve already got mine and wouldn’t take one of these codes for extra day of boost

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Very awesome of you all to do, I got here late so I didn’t even try to get any codes, but I’ve looked everywhere around here and I haven’t seen any Monster drinks around here.

I only really want the Kait one and the other one that has yellow edges as well, since it looks good for eSports Kait anf Gilded Scion.

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I will put up more at some point man, just need to get through the cans first.

If by some chance some codes are left extra I’d appreciate it greatly.

I’m from South Africa and we never get cool stuff like this ever. Would appreciate one if it isn’t too much trouble

That’s really sweet of you Envoiii. :blush:

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Is it any Walmart rockstar can or specific gears one? Also anyone have spare circle k one? All by me don’t carry the gears cans at all.

There will be more. I’ve 10 cans left… I’ll send them to peeps as I go. I’ve sent another two out to members tonight. I’ll get some more tomorrow.


I need

I’ve been looking all over for these things in Canada. Anyone see any yet?

My friend got me them in prince George

Few more for you lovely people


Top lad.

Yea from the guys that help me out on here said if you go to Walmart and get any rockstar can and go to the cashier not self checkout on your receipt you’ll get the codes on it.for the circle k one if you haven’t done so already on the site to claim the code make sure to put your from great Britian so u don’t have to worry about that just put in 6 to 7 codes and you’ll get all of them cuz it’s only in the USA that u have to get the Walmart and circle k codes


appreciate it. thanks for clearing it up

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No problem