Here, have rockstar codes (From UK Cans)

yup its been like that since the beginning everywhere i go lol i found out after i went to walmart that you can get any can and ill give you a code at checkout with the cashier not self checkout i havent went back cuz its in nj and im in ny and its 15 bux to get back home plus gas lol.

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Could you please send me one or two as well, when you can of course? As most of the player posting here: there are no Rockstar cans around where I live. Thank you

I have redeemed all 5 packs on the rockstar website - how do I get these to show in game?

I can’t seem to find my lancer skins or flags anywhere…


You then need to go to the rewards section and redeem and it will redirect you to Microsoft site to redeem in game code

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Thank you, I will try that now.

I have redeemed them but they are still not showing up in game.

fai play to you :smiley: i managed to find 5 can wher ei live… but kudos to you sir for splashing them out,

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Did u restart the game?

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Still not seeing these cans locally here at all.

For those of you in missed last time, I’ll get you this time, just give me a day or two.


Haha Awesome dude!

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lol im still looking for them but now just to collect the cans and help people out like you who help people like us that cant get them have a chance.


Doesn’t matter what can it is, if you put in a 7th and 8th code you should get the circle k and wallmart stuff, I did and I don’t have a wallmart or circle k where I live

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For any UK dwellers, I’d suggest trying Asda. I’ve been to three different Asda stores and found these Rockstar cans in all three. I haven’t seen a single one in any other supermarket chain though.

I suspect it’s cos Asda is owned by Walmart.

I got mine from a paper shop near me, don’t have an asda near me

Hi, i’m from France. I’ve seen only Today this rockstar deal. Someone have 3 codes for me please? We don’t have this in my country. Thank you

Hey mate, very late to the party here. Don’t suppose you have any codes? Thanks :+1:t2:

you cant enter them anymore.

Can I get a code any skin preferably kait but idc which. My gamer tag is WatersOfLife101. I really want one. I’d be a miracle if I got one though lol thanks