Helpful things you might not know

Theirs a few bonus things I’ve figured out kinda late.

Let’s share the knowledge.

  1. Fahz can shoot through walls while X-ray is active
  2. Jacks portable resupply card also lets him carry while cloaked


The deepest known natural point on earth is 36,201 ft (the Mariana Trench), whereas the highest point on earth (Mount Everest) is only 29,000 ft.

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And people that play these characters already know this, because it says so on the character information. But thank you for letting the illiterate know this. Oh wait, if they are illiterate, they will not be able to read this either.
Still, must be a brave thing to post this. Well done :slight_smile:

Oh…so when I play horde with Fahze and it says his ultimate is that he can shoot enemies through walls…that it means he can actually shoot enemies through walls? The wonder of things…

Aint that kind of his special ability?

The xray, yeah it says that but I dont think it says that for Jack. I never ran that card because we always have weapon lockers. When I learned that I run it now for when I feel like smelting when there’s 5 enemies left.

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Fahz’s X-Ray also lets you penetrate enemy armor. It’s especially useful on Carriers, but I don’t know if it works on Matriarchs.

Thank you. I look forward to applying this knowledge in my next game as Emile :slight_smile:

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