Help with the Line Escape hive without grenade duplication

This is the hive with healing buzzkills, freezing mulchers and shielded dropshot scions. For some strange reason, Clayton Carmines reflective shredder does not work with the freezing mulcher mutator on.

Any tips are appreciated.


We used Lahni, Keegan, and Emile for this run a couple weeks ago. All have to be high level, 18 with level 5 cards. Keegan is still great even without grenade duping, you’ll get a Dropshot and a Torque. Lahni playing in the venom is lethal, and Emile with his Halo card and bleed damage is great. Take it slowly, make sure you focus the healing Scions first. The hardest part is the very end when the door is closing and you have a bunch of them rushing you. This is where Lahni has to pop her ultimate and go to work. Keegan can provide damage support from the back. Remember, only one has to survive to win, so if Lahni and Emile have to sacrifice themselves, let it be.

We tried doing Mac Lahni Emile. Mac uses his initiator card on the Scions and then the melee characters go to town. We don’t have maxed cards yet so I might just give up on this hive until I do.

I did it with Keegan, Lahni and Mac.

Mac’s In Your Face card works for all headshots, so you don’t have to be always using the Boltok. A Hammerburst will do, so if you’re at longer distances or having to fight multiple Scions at once I’d suggest using a Hammerburst instead. The key is for Lahni to run rings around them, hitting and running while Mac keeps them distracted.

Run The Clock on Inconceivable over and over until you get the cards you want. That’s what my group did. The Line is definitely one of the toughest Hives to master. Gotta be pretty stacked up to make it through.