Help with Silverback pulling you back in!

My entire team just got wipe right now while I was on my silverback. I noticed all of them went down, I rushed to their locations but the silverback pulled me back in without giving me the option to get out again. At this moment I am unable to use weapons on it and even though I rushed to the team mates side I suddenly appeared about 40 feet away where the silverback pulled me back in.
This is not the first time this happen and If anyone got any idea besides quitting this game for good on how resolve this massive bug I would be grateful.

No way to fix it I’m aware of(other than not using it or Pilot which isn’t a fix), and this idiotic bug has existed since Op 2. I completely fail to see how it was never caught, considering how obnoxious it is, even if rare.


Yeah not helpful response here, I can only say it’s the same for me, since the day Lizzie launched as a character. If you try to get out of the Silverbag, it SEEMS it lets you out, but afterwards you find yourself in. You move around the map and the moment the Ultimate ends, you get teleported back to the place where you first tried to get out.

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I understand…TYVM for your response :slight_smile:

There is no solution other than not using silverback. You can still play Pilot but don’t use the ult.

Unfortunately this bug won’t be fixed any time soon if at all.

The only way to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the silverback after it “pulls” you back in is to simply turn your camera to the side as your character is hopping out of it. I’ve never had problems since.


I will keep this in mind anytime I pilot this baby nxt time. I love this class a lot. it’s an amazing tank with good crow control and decent damage output. Thank you for helping us out with this matter :slight_smile: