HELP with Last Week's DISTRICT skin

During last Thursdays Community stream, I was unable to receive the district skin offered. Going by the chat, I might be the only one or one of the few that had issues.

I watched the whole duration. The skin was claimable after 30 minutes. I hit the claim button and it stalled, processing far longer than I’ve ever seen! I eventually clicked elsewhere to cancel it. I waited a little while and hit the claim again. Same thing happened. I looked at chat to see if anyone else was having issues. I found no one. I wasn’t signed up to the mixer chat, so I couldn’t post . I may have tried one more time with same result. Not long after, stream ended and I had no skin.

KeKkAiduhRJoKeR GT
Please check. Hope you can help me.
Also, wasn’t sure
if this was the right place for this.

Why was this closed? You directed me to the missing ESPORTS thread. This was about the COMMUNITY DISTRICT skin. That’s why I didn’t post it there because it doesn’t go there. Can I please get some help?

You can post about you issue here;

Missing Gears Esports Skins Thread

Please only post ONCE. Also, please be aware false claims can result in actions taken.

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