Help with getting gold on the Mist

Can anyone help me with this map. I’ve got the score boost green lvl 6 and the purple one lvl 5 and its still not enough…and on master

My advice is to have a decent Marksman and have them equip both their Score Boost cards (at least level 5, but ideally 6). Their other cards can be:

Modified Longshot
Exploit Weakness

Ideally at least one more team mate should equip one of their highest Score Boost cards too (in addition to the two the Marksman has).

A few pointers:

  • Whoever has the highest percentage of score boost should pick up COG Tags. There are 5 in total - 3 in act 1; and 2 in act 2.
  • Mark as many enemies as possible before killing them.
  • Active headshot kills (on marked enemies) give the highest score I believe. For the Elite Drones this more than doubles the points given; and for Ice Scions it almost triples the points. This is why score runners don’t use the Marksman’s Explosive Critical Hit card as secondary explosion kills are classed as standard kills.
  • The Scion’s reflective shell can be a pain, so allow the Marksman to deal with it. If they have maxed out cards and active reload the Longshot, they can oneshot them.
  • Executions give the second most points (on marked targets) after active headshots.
  • Chainsaw executions are not coded to give execution points - it’s just a standard kill. Only chainsaw what is necessary - e.g.: Sires and Juvies. Drone-types should be headshotted ideally; or at least properly executed.
  • Try to headshot kill the two Scions that appear after you pull the helipad switch. Don’t plant any shocks in the enemy spawn area as it can damage them enough to trigger their reflective shells; AND will nullify the Marksman’s Ambush card (which has a threshold of 90%+ enemy health to kick in.
  • Marksman should get priority for ammo boxes for ammo. As above, active headshot kills net the most points so the Marksman should do most of the killing. The other team mates should help deal with anything that gets too close.

I’m all done for the day so am not on and probably won’t be until later tomorrow evening (UK time).


I did it, 2 people joined and I guess they had their score cards equipped because we had -108 minutes, and I was a robotics expert lol

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I was trying to help my friend and someone he knows get gold time on this, i told both to spot and execute (when possible) for more time. We got to the safe room and the other guy had 0 spots… I told him he has to do this all the time, he said “how do i spot” like wtf dude.

Ended up he doesn’t have a mark equiped (possible??) and my friends controller died when i pulled the exit lever, yes he died as he was still standing in the hive right next to the enemy spawn, theres more… Juvies start to come for us and as i melee them the other guy starts shooting dropshots at them/me, he was brawler and never used tackle once, i dont think he even knows that Y activates the ult🙄

Well… I helped a randomer in their own lobby to try and get this target time and we missed out by 2 seconds!

First up, from the moment the helipad doors shut, there’s actually a further 5 seconds or so that pass by which are counted - basically the time from the doors closing, the screen fading to black and the mini-cutscene showing you and your team mates run for the helicopter.

Secondly, the host and the other player weren’t that great from a score perspective. At the end when things were tight anyway, they planted all manner of frags and shock grenades at the spawn point which prevented me from headshotting the Scions (led to me going down as I shot them via X-ray) and then the host (who was Tactician) blew up the Scions with explosives.

The most annoying thing was, I thought I had rescued the situation by getting a last-second headshot on a Grenadier Elite through the narrow gap of the door which pushed us over -100 minutes, but as with point ‘1’, the clock kept counting down despite the door shutting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a look at the post-game screen and it’s actually less than 2 seconds. It’s a tiny fraction over 1 second.

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I did it solo with infiltrator. I took my sweet time with everything and got gold with an extra 5 minutes. I had a level 4 Epic Score Boost and a level 6 Green Score Boost. I had to sacrifice Enhanced Stim and Stim Batteries for the boosts, so I had to be a bit careful.

It’s nice solo because you make sure everything gets marked plus you get all the ammo for the Longshot. Actually, I didn’t even mark everything but I marked maybe 98% of the enemies. I wasn’t even sure if I would get it the first play through but I surprisingly did. It wasn’t too difficult, you could probably do it with other classes that can deal with Sires easily, like Protector and such - although it was nice to cloak insta-kill some Scions and the Warden. I’ve even seen solos of The Mist where the person brings in Custom Snub to kill the Sires.