Help with Gears 4

I just purchased the ultimate game pass on PC for Xbox, and was super excited to be able to rejoin the Gears series. I played the first 3 games, but unfortunately i was unable to get the new ones until after i got the pass a few days ago. I was excited to be playing Gears 4 but whenever i try to load it on my pc, (which can run most AAA titles) it shows the gears 4 logo, then the screen goes black, and the program shuts down. i tested the game pass connection by playing other games, even gears 5, which i don’t want to play until i beat 4, and they worked with no issue. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Try with an older gpu driver. There seems to be a competition between Microsoft and TC as to which of them can brake the game more times with every new update.

have you found a solution yet? I have the exact same problem, except I can’t launch Gears 5 or Tactics either. So wierd that it’s only Gears games that won’t launch on my PC

I haven’t had a solution yet. I can run 5 and tactics all day, but I can’t run 4. Go figure that one of the few shooter games that doesn’t trigger my ptsd I can’t finish. I really liked the first 3. And I’ve wanted to play 4 and 5 as soon as they both dropped but couldn’t. It’s sad


If it didn’t work, then try the following respectively and check the game in between each step:

A) Sign out of Windows Store and log in back with your original Microsoft Windows 10 account.

B) Download a free app from the store. It didn’t matter what is was as long as some app was downloaded

C) Settings->Apps->Gow4->advanced options->click reset.(Resets data only)

D) Sign out and sign back in the windows store.
If that doesn’t fix it, open command prompt as administrator and run WSReset.exe.
Restart your PC after it’s done.

P.S: I had that issue several times when I was switching to my alt(sss)