Help with equipping Scorcher

In operation 4 characters had there own set of weapons if it had stayed that way I could have used Tai (who I don’t have yet) and he would have used the scorcher, or if I wanted a sharpshooter with precision weapons I’d have picked Fahz, but now any character can use any weapon based on their class , I have looked through all of the classes and none of them seem to use the scorcher, do you need to buy it in Horde or pick it up in escape to get it, or is there a class that uses it, basically what class do I need to be to use the scorcher in horde?

Brawler is probably the best class to use.

You buy from the fab in horde or pick up in escape

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Hey man,

Check my guide overview out. Its all in there.

And yes the Scorcher is purchasable in the Fab under Weapons at the very bottom on the left for 2,500 power.



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