Help with current challenge please

I’m at 64% of matches played for luck of the draw and now not finding anything! Any groups around that I can tag along with? Sick of these queues hitting the 60 minute mark over and over before giving up.

Seriously? It’s a social playlist, it shouldnt be that hard to find games and it should backfill with bots if there’s less than 10 players.

It might be some internet problems on your end. Have you tried resetting your router?

Or do you live somewhere like Australia where there’s a tiny player base right now? Even then I’d have though the search widens to include other regions.

Yes I am east coast Australia. It’s always been this bad. Why can’t a game just start with all bots if nothing happens after 30 minutes or something? It’s pretty pointless just not being able to play it at all! I find it hard to believe that literally not a single person in my state is searching the same thing.