Help with crossplatform

My friend got Gears 4 on pc and I have it on Xbox and we were trying to play together. I tried joining him and it said I was unable to join due to the compatibility with the version. Is there a way for us to play together crossplatform?

All I can think of is your PC crossplay option in settings. Toggle it to “Yes” for crossplay.

Either that or one of you is on a different update, as one recently released.

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The compatibility error/message relates to the game version (the number located on the bottom left on the start menu). Not related to crossplay at all.

There was an update today so either you or your friend were playing without it. Also keep in mind that PC and xbox can have different release times for updates (as proven by last one where it took several hours for PC players to get it).


Where can you find that option?

Press start button in main menu > Matchmaking > Toggle “Yes”

This is not true. Crossplay is enabled. You were probably not on the updated version of the game.

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I played crossplay today. I was the only PC player. It is definitely enabled.