Help with controls

Hi there,
I’ve had to replace my controller and I am not sure how but I messed something up with my new one.
In Default mode, I used to be able to run using the left stick and change direction with my right stick whilst running.
Now right stick is doing nothing and it is really annoying.
Help will be much appreciated, I think I have exhausted all options.

Many thanks in advance.

You turned on single stick something in the options, most likely.

I literally bought a new controller and synched it with the console, that was it. Not sure what the heck happened. Would you know if these settings are saveable somehow? On the plus side I went through other modes which I haven’t done before so at least I learned something.

(Console Gamer Here)
If you are experiencing issues with an Xbox controller then I recommend you do the following:
Go to settings on Xbox -> Go to Devices and Connections - > Go to Accessories and press A on it -> Then click the beaker looking Icon on the bottom right of the display.
After moving the right/left stick you should be able to see if it is just the hardware (Xbox Remote) or the Game (Gears of War 5) if it is Gears of War please submit a ticket with detailed info. However, I suspect that this is mostly likely a hardware (damaged remote) issue but I do wish you luck with fixing this.

Link to help submit a support ticket (