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Help with an Escape medal

I’ll buy you a GameStop preorder lancer skin if you can help me get five escapes on Master Difficulty. DM me if interested. Thanks!

Not sure if you’re allowed to bribe folks, but in terms of actually helping you get the medal you can always create a LFG assuming you actually intend on helping out and aren’t just looking for a carry I’m sure you can find a team that way, nobody really wants to drag an anchor across a finish though so if that’s you I’d not expect to get it.

Oh no I’m legit my friend. I have 39/52 medals. I’m just having a lot of trouble trying to complete it. What’s an LFG?

Looking for Group. There’s an option to make a post saying what you’re looking to play and have like minded individuals join that way. You can include things like Must Have Mic to get mic’d squadmates, the levels of teammates you’re looking for etc and try to form a team looking to complete the same thing you are.

Thank you. I appreciate you taking time for me.

No prob, but if you tell anybody I’ll deny helping you. :wink:

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