Help us Santa Claus

I hope Santa Claus hears my request and causes the Coalition to reopen the regions that are blocked. The players are suffering from this!

Now there is a good thought indeed…

What is the greater suffering? Playing the game or not being able to play the game?


I wish I could choose to lock down to my own region rather than it being a lottery.


And by region I don’t mean the way The Coalition defines them. I want the United States to be its own region. No Mexico. I can settle for Canada as many cause minimal to no issues.

No region unlocks. The lag is bad enough as it is… although if you want to unlock the regions but at the same time lock Mexico away I’d be okay with that. After all, a connection from Europe causes 100x less issues.


Yes. I agree 110%. Far, far away. Lock it away on Pluto.


Help us Santa Coalition you say:

Remake 3 in 60fps glory. Don’t add or take ANYTHING else away. This would be The absolute Ultimate Edition of Gears EVER!

Also I generally stay out of all this Mexico bashing but I was playing KOTH on BulletMarsh yesterday and this one player was taking every shot I had and not flinching. I checked his location…you know where I’m going. I’m a UK player!. It is not just you Gears 4 boys that get all the bad luck.


I remember why I had stopped playing Gears 3 which is quite sad really. For easy explanation I’ll use Checkout as an example.

By grenades I would be battling it out. You know, the middle of the map where no one ever spawns? Well, here I am blasting enemies with Lancer and Gnasher fire only to be given the spawn protection chime each bullet that hits. No damage dealt but I explode. Basically, the game did me the courtesy of telling me my bullets may be hitting but the server doesn’t recognize this.

Guide button > Recent Players > Click Gamertag > Location: Mexico

Every. Damn. Time.

I’m simply amazed that this franchise is still allowing this nonsense.

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I understand mate, but I just love 3 more than any other game. Just come off a couple of hours with mucho wins (koth obviously)
What I really love is the amount of diversity and content in it, it really is outstanding.
We need medals back in 5 as well, such a great mechanic that you can either ignore it or like most of us nuts on here try and get Onyx in all of them :wink:

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make gears 2 remastered in 60fps with gears 1 movement speed