Help* TC took my money but no iron

I bought the 24 dollar iron back and it gave me error code but they still took my money…

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They did me dirty Rick.

Contact Microsoft they can check your transaction history and take care of it.

Thanks man, I’ll give it a shot. Only problem is this is the second time this happens and you know how Microsoft is about these things happening too often,

You should be fine, they probably log errors on the server somewhere I am sure they can verify after all you paid for something and didnt recieve it. Not like you are asking for a refund of some DLC or something.

Thanks for the vote of confidence man. Sorely inconvenient though huh and ironic… everyone’s complaining about micro transactions and I’m over here willing to support the game with more of my money and THIS lol

I will always pay for micro transactions and support the business model because I like exclusivity so the bed I’m laying in is pretty comfortable. I’m not asking for sympathy. Simply if you go to the grocery store and you buy oranges… you expect to get some oranges right?

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Attacking someone who is legitimately asking for help by telling them they “got what they deserve” kind of knocks you off that moral high ground you think you are standing on. You’re a hypocrite if you think you’re standing up for the community by deliberately making it a toxic community.

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