Help since yesterday I get this when I open gears 5 on my pc and reinstall it and I get the same thing in the store I don't get any updates

I have the same problem :frowning: Windows 10 Update causing problems maybe?

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Are you on Windows 10 or 11?

Make sure you don’t have Easy Anti-cheat manually disabled in your Windows services.

Windows 10

I open the game as Administrator and it worked!!. Otherwise, the problem is still there :frowning:

Windows 10 21H2 19044.1706 was suddenly the Tuesday update of every month

Go to your Windows update settings and look at your update history and check when your latest update was installed. If it’s on the day before you noticed the launch issue with your game, uninstall the update and reboot your PC to see if the game launches.

Also having this issue. I tried deleting the update and that didn’t help. Anyone else having this issue?

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If I still have it since Wednesday or Thursday of last week, let me try to open it