Help plz? I have a few questions

Only other gears i played was the first one. I got this game 2 weeks ago and its been a pretty nostalgic experience for me, Did my placements got diamond 1 in both tdm and 2v2 gnashers but I’m sort of a noob with this…

Maybe this is a stupid question. But wut are the rank tiers? Is diamond the highest or is there one more above? I saw was some sorta rank rework last year… but i wasnt following at that time.

Is there no way to see this information in the menus? If not, that’s kinda weird.

Is there a way to see the ranks of other ppl in your game or is it just the exp level? ?

Last question: Is the menu glitchy for xbox players? for example on pc when searching for a ranked tdm game and the party gets dissolved and sent back to the main menu, do you have to re equip your flash grenades every time?



Bronze , Silver, Gold, Onyx, Diamond, Masters

There is no way to see this list in the menu.

No way to see other people’s rank.

Yes the menu is glitchy and you have to re equip the flash grenades every time.

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ty for the quck response!

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Not really true

Setting flash every time is TCs idea of reducing excessive flash use, truly a pitiful fix to a stupid problem
but there it is

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Who is TC?

The Coalition. The company that made the game. Glad you are enjoying your time back though. There’s definitely a few issues that need to be polished out but I think the game within the last few months has gotten on a great path forward.

The biggest issue you will most likely encounter in terms of the menu is the Tour of Duty stuff not loading. I hate that bug and although it’s more infrequent, they still haven’t completely fixed it. If that happens, trying playing a few matches of something or restarting the game. That’s the only way to see your challenges and medals and their completion.

For the ranked info, the closest thing I can think of is if you go to versus, and hit X to view your standings. In terms of seeing the tiers no you can’t but as 19th showed you it’s not super hard to find out, BTW the tiers go from 1 to 3. So someone in Onyx 3 is higher than Onyx 1. And Masters has no tiers, just think of it like Top 500 in Overwatch or something.

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Nah you just sign out and sign back in or do a quick match. This usually fixes it.

oo I see! Thank you for the reply!