Help please. Major bug after drop 2 patch

After the patch went live yesterday I lost ALL. and I say ALL. MY CONTENT. I lost all the skins, all the cards for horde mode everything. What the hell help please.

Restart your console? All of that content/progress is stored on the cloud, so you may have to disconnect from, and then reconnect with the cloud and allow it to sync up again.

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No need to panic. What @Bleeding_Pepper said.

Restart your console.

That’s really unfortunate.

Like other posters above me said, try restarting your console.

If it doesn’t work, submitting a support ticket is your best option.

Restarting didn’t work, I even performed a full shutdown and a power cycle of the console with no success. I submitted a ticket…

Can you have a look at the install manager and see if all the content is installed?

As per this thread if you need more detail

Never touched the installation. All the files are there and I never shrinked the game. But few minutes ago I got kicked out of a game and I was met with a “news” operation 7 drop 2 screen. After I exit that Screen all my content was back in the game so I would say it did fix itself? Anyway weird bug I hope to have helped someone with this post


Glad it got resolved for you :slight_smile:

Everyone always freaks out

Just keep reloading the game until they come back

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Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but when it comes to content stored in cloud servers, this is how it actually works.