HELP,My gears4 can't save record[Gears4]

I loved it after finshed Gears5 ,So I bought Gears4 again, but there was a big problem:

The records will missing when i quit Gears4.

I have to start the game from chapter one if i want go on everytimes.

Need help,Thanks.

TC no longer supports gears 4

PC or Xbox?

PC,not xbox

Hey there,

If on PC. You can check your data folder for the save data. However you have to make the gears folder available to view as admin. Otherwise you can’t get into the folder due to the anticheat software they have built in.

If the data is not there check your whole system via the search function on the desktop screen for gears 4. Make sure you only do as local otherwise it may take you to the website.

This could be an issue with the save being in a different t location then game now, or the worse part. The save could have been deleted and you have to start over.

Hope that helps. Good luck.