Help me understand why 90% of players in this game refuse to use the lancer

I consider myself a supporting player by mostly using the lancer or enforcer depending on the map, and I constantly have to deal with these players who think they have God-like gnashers constantly rushing the enemy for close range and doing nothing to support other players, in fact they do the opposite.

This happens in more than 50% of the games I play, and it’s more than annoying to have some kid trash talk and send dumb messages to you talkin’ about how only scrubs use lancers and enforcers, when the reality is it’s players like that that constantly block more than half the shots I would be hitting if he wasn’t strafing back and forth trying to land gnasher shots.

So since I’m relatively new to this franchise, I just wonder if there is some culture in this community that just overrides common sense, the common sense that would tell the player that instead of getting his head blown off for the 4th time in a row, to just step back and use some combined lancer fire on the enemy instead. Practically every time our team loses, it’s because of basic stuff like this, and one of the main reasons being some sort of shame stigma toward any player that uses anything but a gnasher.

could it players watching pro players and just trying to copy them? Do players find it a form of “cheating” to get a quick down with an enforcer instead of risking some ping warrior blowin’ head off from 15 feet away?

The way I see it, the lancer and enforcer do damage, and they are obviously more effective than gnashers in many instances, yet I rarely ever see any player besides myself use them.

SO Gears community, I ask again. What is it with the lancer hate?

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You aren’t going to get any random Gears player on your team to change their gameplay or support your plays for that to happen there needs to be a mutual respect.

I would suggest that instead of standing back attempting to run your own strats you should pull out your gnasher shotgun and back up your teammates if you see them charging charge with them.

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I’m more of a support player so play the Lancer a lot and I love the Retro in 4, would be a (prob too powerful) excellent starting weapon. I also get A LOT of Chainsaw kills! :wink:

Hate the enforcer though!

Also no matter the weapon, for the love of Gears SPOT all the time.


I love it when opponents do that because it makes them easier to deal with. What I don’t want is for someone to be crossing, marking, and getting angles.

Regarding the topic, I get a lot of people raging at me for lancer use and they often try to push me thinking I lancer because I can’t gnasher. I love this because they become easy kills when they push recklessly and I switch to gnasher. I’ve had enemies on gridlock spend the entire match dying to me this way.

My advice to the OP is to use whatever weapons are appropriate for the range you’re fighting at and don’t be one of these useless lumps that has a gnasher out when there’s no one within gnasher distance.

The only thing I don’t approve of is the enforcer. That’s a disgusting weapon because it ruins the flow of the game. People will beat you down for using it because gnasher battles are beautiful and the highlight of the game. People who ruin it by resorting to enforcer tend to get no respect in the community.


I play gears of war because i love close fights with the gnasher, i try to wallbounce to surprise my ennemies and kill them

Only gears of war allow to do that…

I understand the idea of supporting teammates, but players who do that all the game, i hate them…the gnasher is the main weopon of gears of war…best players use it.

Sorry for my english…

It’s more fun and rewarding to use a Gnasher lol. It’s that simple. People don’t want to camp and have a standoff with Lancers. Chunks are where it’s at.

Steady on there! The Best players can mix it up and know when to do so.

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the main reason I resort to the enforcer over the gnasher is because of how inconsistent gnasher shots can be. My logic is this:

Why risk getting long shotted by some high ping gnasher or having one of your shots not even register at all when you can just use the weapon that is far more consistent?

I’d much rather have the game show my dead body and say I inflicted 80-90% of damage than basically giving me the middle finger after I shoot a dude point blank in the face with a gnasher and only end up getting 25-50% inflicted. Not only that, I always find myself shooting at the same exact time with my opponent for the first shot, but then he’s somehow able to get his second shot out 100% faster than me.

I would agree that gnasher battles are beautiful only if they were actually consistent.

TL:DR- The Gears community either complains non-stop about how inconsistent gnasher shots are, or they will spam message players like me who use the enforcer.

I think in tighter maps gnasher bigger maps both weapons.

keep in mind downs do not get you rankled up. I use the lance if i see my team in battle as i spawn. It helps them get the kills until i can get there.

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I’m similar, my Hammerburst, smokes and endless marking is deeply unappreciated…it’s a constant effort to keep those that rush, without the skill or sense, alive.

Excellent commentary on this very issue:

I use rifles all the time, especially lancer, retro, and more recently also Markza (I don’t do as much Hummerburst shooting, for some reason).

Let them run into your rifle fire, and laugh at their rage. If you are the noob, then what are they, bested by a noob?

The higher you go in rank the more rifle play there is.


Some people think that gnasher is the only weapon they have to be good at, and so they complain when they get outplayed by a lancer while they run up to them. When I was still learning in gears 1 and 2 I never really even used anything else besides the gnasher until I realized that you gotta use it to win haha

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In the OG days, lancers weren’t good at all. Gears was primarily all about Gnasher battles. Gnashers imo take a lot more skill than spraying with the lancer; it’s also much more satisfying when you shoot a hole in someone’s chest.

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Gnasher Battle Example.

1st Player A and Player B run at each other.

2nd Player A and Player B stop when close enough.

3rd Player A and Player B starts blasting each other in the face with their Gnashers.

4th Who ever was the fastest, wins.

5th Rinse and Repeat.

Sorry I don’t get the whole it requires more skill to face tank vs having to choose you shots wisely from across the room. They aren’t that interesting.

This reminds me so much of fighting games in a way you have some characters named “zoners”. This characters are usually a pain to deal with because of their keep-away-tools you need to be very close, but the hardest part is actually getting close. I fear no lancer when I get the chance to shorten the distance, this is no Gears 3 (though movement in that one was really faster).

I mean: I fear no lancer unless there are 2 lancer crossing me from afar and have two gnasher players flanking me :rofl:

The thing is: they don’t want to adapt and counter attack the stituation. Those players want CQC because they have FUN like that. You are just ruining their fun because they don’t want to put the work.
I honestly use lancer for long distances, spotting and support but when they get closer I’ll blow them up with gnasher of course, it’s better than the lancer for CQC, logic…

You might find that Gears of War’s metagame between most players are gnasher combats. Developing these skills are a good idea because you will eventually need it. But if you want to focus or just feel good with long distance playing as support or specializing in power weapons (eg. sniper) you can be a menace too. Never care about what “a good gears player should do and if you don’t play under my rules you are plain bad”. Your skills can be extremelly helpful in a good team .

Still, if we are talking about “social matches” it’s normal people getting salty about someone playing just lancer. You expect that in more serious matches and social are mainly to have fun and practice, and for newcomers or ppl who can’t get a decent team for core / competitive.

TBH a full team crossing up with lancers is a real pain to deal with, but it’s a legit playstyle,specially in more competitive matches. Still think it’s way too much talking about core wich is a “social 2.0 between 5 vs 5”. But to each its own.


One of my pet peeves is to have team mates who run after other players (who are running away), holding their gnashers… I’m usually saying “dude, you’re not getting any closer to him, and he is leading you into his team!”… Take out your lancer and down him, while he’s running away in a straight line… What’s more obvious than that…

No. Using movement requires more skill than holding RT

Wow, in that case I am super skilled. I can use a lancer and move around and appear normal vs bouncing around like a ping pong ball at a beer pong tournament. I just don’t feel impressed by that style of play. Many times when playing I find myself having to go and pick those players up cause their ping pong bounce skills wasn’t up to snuff.

I think Gnashers are OP, when compared to damage output of any other weapon in the game. To me it requires less skill to use.

For most players, (I assume most, if not then it is a significant portion) the biggest lure of Gears, the hook that got into us, was the Gnasher gameplay. I use whatever weapon is most effective in a given situation, I just love playing the game and winning regardless of the weapon I am using, but the Gnasher is the most fun to use, so I tend to play in a way that facilitates more Gnasher use. And the Gnasher is a very powerful weapon, so a player wanting to improve should get good with it, but there’s nothing wrong with using lots of Lancer, A good support player on a team can be a huge help. Do whatever is fun for you, you cannot worry about what other people think because it is not in your control. But there definitely is some stigma, amongst some in the community, against the excessive use of non-Gnasher weapons, and it’s silly, don’t let it bother you.

Gnasher for life tho

Agreed, I’ve a few clips of easily defeating hyper-bouncing players. It’s not impressive in the slightest, and very useless in most situations against competent enemies.