Help me pick out a TV

I play on a cheap Benq 60hz 1080p gaming monitor. It’s no frills utilitarian and gets the job done well for console use. I personally like better response time over a little more eye candy.

Royce batty and envi throwing some good points to each other, nice…

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Get something with a high HZ rate. My friend has one and its very nice to game on.

LG OLED B7. It was $2500 but worth it, got a X as well. Gears is lovely.


That thing is insane! Im jealous

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I say if you really want to get a TV that you are going to love and plan on gaming on it… You unhook your Xbox, take the power cord and a HDMI cable head to your local Best Buy. Find 2 or 3 models that look like they will fit your bill in cost and how they look. Ask if you can hook up the Xbox to each of the TV’s so that you can see what it looks like. Just tell them you want to be sure you are getting the right TV for you, because you don’t want to return anything… I worked at a Best Buy for many years and have let people do this before. Anything to lower that return exchange rate :wink: (Just make sure you take a game that’s appropriate for the environment…)


Hahaha that’s a killer idea. Honestly I’m looking for something that’s overall a killer tv and maybe gives me a bump for gaming.

I have looked at the new Samsung OLED’s but I don’t know if the XB1X will even attempt to use all of its features.

The TV we have now is 4KUHD but it’s refresh rate is low and doesn’t have HDR10 so don’t know actually how much difference that would make in the gaming experience. I like shooters and my wife plays Forza and the little one is into the LEGO games. Lol

Honestly, I can’t play video games competitively anymore on a TV. Once I realized the benefit of have having nearly zero display lag, I can’t go back. TV’s are amazing for movies, television, and single player games. For Gears and Shooters… monitors only.

The LG OLED and LED TV’s are incredible, especially their “Super LED” range, and the Xbox One X supports Dolby Vision now so it will look better than the Samsung options which use HDR10 (Samsung and Panasonic have their own advanced colour reproduction techniques but the XOX doesn’t yet support it).

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I have never used a monitor for gears, is it that big of a difference?

Dell has the b7a for 2500.

Just don’t know how much better it would be to justify the price difference?

Is a monitor really that much of a difference?

For me personally it doesn’t justify the difference… Is there a pretty significant difference? Yes, there is a lot more input lag on a television then what you will find on a gaming monitor. For me personally though, how I have my stuff set up I prefer the larger size. I use 2 40’ 4k TV’s for both my gaming and for my computer monitors (as seen below). One is a Samsung UN40JU6500, and the other is a 43 inch LG. I play both PC and Xbox on them… And also use them for other multimedia purposes as well, like watching movies (big honking stereo system attached) So for me, I want something that is more universal and does all things decent instead of just doing one thing exceptionally well… Again, that’s just me and how I am using it. So I guess for you and everyone else it just depends on what all you want to do with it… #ManCave

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My opinion:

Someone on here pointed out Rtings. They are the best of the best and do incredibly in depth reviews of TVs. They are my typical go to. That said…

I have an LG OLED B6. Supposedly, these bad boys are some of the best you can get according to virtually any source. But in my honest opinion, OLED isnt worth it just yet.

First, they are the most expensive. But more importantly, they aren’t perfect. OLEDs suffer from one minor drawback, which is their brightness levels; while they achieve unparalleled black levels, they cant hit the same brightness levels LED TVs can hit. Its been the crux of OLED since the inception of the technology, and manufacturers have had only moderate success keeping them up to par with other tech.

Where this really hurts is HDR. To make this short, my TV has an HDR game mode that turns off all post processes with the exception of HDR, and the picture is incredibly, incredibly dim. This is because HDR is basically magnified contrast. But in order to achieve these levels on OLED, all other blacks and whites are scaled down to allow these increased contrasts to exist. Its actually so dim, I keep HDR turned off while playing games. Games are just too dark to enjoy, even with no ambient light in the room. That said, movie HDR with all post processing on is a sight to behold.

My suggestion would be to look at a Vizio P-series if you wanna do cheap, or check out Samsungs QLED if you want the best gami g HDR experience on the market.

And if youre not a videophile at all, just go Vizio. Theyre cheap, provide a good all around picture, and have some of the best response times you can buy among all brands. The only thing youll really be sacrificing is black levels.

Thats my two cents.

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LG B7 OLED is the only one I’d consider and is a steal right now. It was called the Best Gaming TV of 2018 by most sources. The B7 was replaced this summer by the B8, but you will pay too much for the B8. There are still some B7s at clearance prices and they are nearly the same thing. Input lag is an insignificant 20ms even in 4k HDR. Gears looks amazing on it. Mine runs for about 16 hours every day for various tasks and there’s never any retention or burn-in.

I like my Samsung 4k HDR TV but the LG OLED is just on another level. I’m the type that constantly fiddled the picture settings to try to find the best compromise. The B7 only took a little time to set up and there is almost no compromise. You can have dark scenes (line Impact Dark) reveal a lot of shadow detail and then go to something glaringly bright like the dock spawn on Old Town and still see the details in the blinding reflections of the sea and sky. Unless you game outdoors, the brightness levels will cause you to squint at times. It’s that bright.

Motion handling is extremely clear and fast (which is important if you wallbounce). But, it’s not all about games. I use this as my desktop PC. And, for watching movies. Low-quality streams and bootlegs manage to look surprisingly vivid and coherent. If mine were destroyed (which may happen if the wife keeps doing her kettlebell workouts right in front of the TV) I’d buy another immediately.

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Samsungs to me are the best gaming TVs. I just purchased the 55in model for $1,100. has some of the 2018 models at sub 10ms input latency (not to be confused with 1ms response time), and with a recent firmware update the Samsung 2018 4k TVs support freesync at 1080p, 1440p, and 4k, all which the Xbox S and X can output. The Samsungs do support HDR, but not with freesync active (HDR with freesync is called freesync2) so you can either have HDR or freesync but not both at the same time. You can also do 1080p@120Hz or 1440@120Hz since the Xbox S and X support higher refresh now. Too bad TC won’t support freesync or 120Hz properly in Gears4…

If you want the best, go for the LG B7.

Nothing will beat it.

And if you can get it for $2-$2500 then it’s a bargain.

I believe it was £4,500 when it launched here in the UK which is what, $7-$8,000? - so it cost me a lot more than what you can pick it up for right now!

But you can’t beat that OLED panel - no LED can imo.

And the response time is like 0.1 - 0.2ms with input lag at a very low 18-20ms.

Games look incredible and they are super bright too - if you watch my Pack 10 opening video you can see how much HDR Brightness it kicks out because I have the Vegas Skins on my characters and it looks magnificent :grimacing:

I might try and capture some footage on my LG OLED B7 for you and upload it to YouTube.

Not sure how great it will look being recorded on my iPhone X and compressed via YouTube but it will be recorded in 4K @ 60FPS.


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Games do not push Picture quality enough to where you would see a difference between a $5000 Tv or a $500 Tv.

Gaming panels in today’s market that aren’t cheesy will be adequate enough to supplement any game.

In other words, if you spent thousands on a Tv just for gaming, then you wasted your money. Not too mention avid gamers should be playing on a monitor anyways. It’s better for gaming and the technology behind it was created for gaming unlike expensive Tv’s that are made for other purposes like; film

Casual gamers tend to lean towards Tv’s for a larger picture. This is better suited for at home family room gaming like OP suggested he wants. Sounds like he should be on a Tv. But to suggest Monitors give “Terrible picture Quality” is simply not true.

Xbox X supports AMD Free Sync. You won’t find this on a Tv. Enabling Free Sync will eliminate studders or tearing when frames fluctuate. This immediately will make games looks better on a monitor than any Tv. Picture quality is irrelevant when games become choppy.

False. Samsung supports freesync in their 2018 Qleds for 55" and up. Read my post above.

The actual LED tv I’m looking at from Samsung supports freesync. It’s HDR10/4K with 240hz motion rate.

I can’t find anything about input latency tho has the latency at sub 10ms for some modes like running native 120Hz input. The Q6N is what I bought because it was the cheapest Qled option with freesync, but there are higher end models like the Q7 and Q8.

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