Help me pick out a TV

I’m looking at a new TV for our family/game room.

We like Samsung brand and need something around 65” since. Must be 4K and HDR10 and don’t want to spend a Mint to buy it if possible.

Any suggestions?


My favourite website for TV reviews.

They review everything from entry level to the very high end, at all price points and the reviews are very in depth and test a lot of different aspects.

As you haven’t specified location or budget, just go through the list and find one that you like :+1:


I’d recommend one of those curved 4K TVs. We had one in our living room and that thing was slick. As for the brand. I personally love LGs line of products. Everything from fridges to TVs to phones. But if you like Samsung nothing wrong with that.

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LG OLED C8 65”. It’s an absolute beast

B7/C7 is better for gaming.

Or just go for a TN/144hz Monitor. :slight_smile: Will retreat from this thread as I feel OP has gotten plenty of good advice for his future purchase. Enjoy

Sure, if you want terrible picture quality why not :+1:

If you say so bud :ok_hand:

Lol I doubt I can get a monitor in 65”. That’s how I’m going to justify it to the wifey.


Budget - under 2k

Location - family/game room. So it’ll be pulling double duty.

The reviews you suggested has the Samsung 65 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV UN65NU8000F UHD TV as a gaming TV. I saw it does have HDR10 and 240hz refresh rate. Dell has them on sale now for around 1200ish.

Excellent. Go tell the wife :smiley:

Yea but that will be a million bucks lol.

I don’t actually say so,

What every website says about TN panels, after stating they do have excellent performance and are relatively inexpensive they do only offer this because:

“The only real downside to these monitors is that they possess low quality and limited contrast ratios, colour reproduction, and viewing angles”

If you can, go for the LG B7/C7 - easily the best TV out there - you might find one for £2,000 assuming you are in the UK.

$2,000 for a 65” one? Idk, large electronics stores might have a couple left to shift and you might get lucky.

55” for sure.

If not, a Samsung will do and the one they state would be a fine choice :+1:

Well I played on a large variety of monitors, so not much difference really. Unless you wanna be nit picky. Only thing that matters is your needs. Suggest you test a few, rather then just go by articles. OP wanted a TV, he’s getting a TV. :smiley:

I do wanna add one thing. Testing TN panels aren’t always easy, as they usually “warm up” after x hours.

Nothing wrong with review sites that offer solid comparisons and in-depth tests of hardware - you can’t feasibly test them all yourself / compare each product side by side in strict testing.

But I’ve owned a variety of monitors over the past 12 years from all type of panels for my gaming PCs - I’m actually due to purchase a new monitor, waiting for the Asus 4K 200Hz one to drop - so no need to worry yourself :+1:

But I’m sure OP will find something that suits him, as you stated I think he has all the information he needs to decide and I shall leave it there :v:

Definitely suggest reading reviews about that. Overclocked 4K panels, well, we’ll see :smiley:
Looks nice though.

I like the Sony 900 series for gaming

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