Help me get better

Anyone want to help me move from my awful KD ratio, (of which I don’t even know what’s included) to a positive over 1 ratio somehow? I’ve been trying to get better with the weapons, especially shotgun but I always get point blanked with it or somehow lose a 1 v 1 battle at same distance with same amount of shots fired. Getting frustrated with multiplayer games and unless I can improve will be moving to PlayStation full time.

How the hell is your K/D bad lol. Don’t we share eliminations now. If you’re has bad has you say you are I would suggest taking a more tactical approach with the game.

  1. Use the lancer to help your more experienced team mates who are battling with the gnasher. (Always be alert for snipers)

  2. Find angles to provide cross fire with lancer.

  3. Keep your distance and mark enemies.

  4. If someone is getting to close to you and you’re not confident in your gnasher ability mark the enemy and run towards your teammates.

  5. Hide behind walls with a gnasher and let the enemy run into your gun. Example on exbit there are several walls to hide behind.

  6. Hip fire with gnasher. To aim while hip firing, line up the elbow of your character with the enemy and shoot.

  7. Avoid depleting the spawns, if you’re bad at the game or simply new stay in the back and provide support with the lancer … and fall back if your team mates in the front line are killed. There is nothing worse then a player running towards enemies with the gnasher and dying every time.

Eliminations DO NOT count as kill. You could have 30 eliminations and 5 death, when in reality you only killed 5 people, hence you went 5-5. As long as u put a bullet into someone you will get an elim, you hafta get the actual kill for it to count. This is why kill stealing is still and will always be rampant

All lies… what is said.

With the game in it’s current state it’s kind of hard to improve in this climate however there are ways to excel in ita current climate.

  1. Active reload as much as possible. - If you miss the active reload again. It will make all the difference in encounters. This goes for any weapon.

  2. Get familiar with power weapons. - They are pick ups for a reason and that is because they have an advantage over default load outs. Snipers, Boltoks, GL Lancer. Fun fact, the rate of fire on the GL lancer is faster than the regular lancer and more stable than the retro lancer Combine that with active and people will drop pretty quickly. Plus you get to fire some grenades.

  3. Use cover - and try not to panic in any encounter. Also try not to rush in as that seems to be a death sentence in this version of gears for some strange reason. Middle of the screen is where the receptacle is on weapons so try to line up shots before your enemy arrives or comes around a corner if you plan to aim however sometimes that is not your best bet to aim. You will figure out when that is appropriate for you as you play.

  4. Hip fire - a lot of people try to aim which if you have a window available it is beneficial but it slows you down between the zoom in and zoom out. If you have a couple people on you it’s best not to aim through the sights.

  5. Wall Bounce and Roll - it’s not as effective as it used to be for combat but it is still useful in evading fire when fleeing.

  6. Practice - and do not become discouraged. The more you try things the better you are bound to get.

I hope that helps, I am far from a pro but I do decent in most games.