Help me get better at the game

I miss my shots too often.

Please help. What button am I supposed to press.

Since this happens to me so much, I must be pressing the wrong button or something. Please tell me.

Aha, it happens to all of us tbh.

So many times I’ll get the 80’s.

Just practice closing the gap a little more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s unreliable for me - a lot of times enemy players will teleport 10 feet in a blink of an eye and kill me if I try that.

It’s almost like playing battlefield or halo with horrible internet - you’re always a second late - except I have the best internet in 99.9% of my matches in Gears ( not just speed, jitter as well).

What’s your ping in games?

99% my matches its 5ms. The other 1% its 25.

See, when I’m low ping at 5ms - I don’t really have an issue.

But it’s weird - sometimes my bullets feel stronger at 60ms.

Sometimes they don’t.

It’s dependent on who you get in the game and their pings.

50-80 is the range I have most issues with. I feel like I need to shoot them 3 times to get as much damage as one of their shots, other times I go to shoot and nothing happens. I pull the trigger and nothing, no shot, no sound - just “Nope”.

I spectate others playing and see gnasher duels and get jealous - see bouncing and shooting - I rarely get those.
Guess I’m not good enough, I get the first two shots, still not rewarded with a down, enemy shoots in a random direction and I’m instantly killed. 83 in 2. 98 in 4. 99 in 3 etc… over and over again.

My personal favorite is sliding into cover before an enemy does and he somehow manages to slide into cover after me, yet up a and kill me before I even reach the cover. Not really sure how to outplay that.

Are you in US East?


Which State?


Ah ok. yeah, I do find US Central server features the more crazy pings while US East server is more stable.

Not sure which one you connect to but I’m guessing Central if you are in Texas?

99% of my matches occur on the southern data center.

You ping my server well considering your location!

I guess it’s one of those.

The American servers are overrun with so many different pings. It’s definitely not consistent.

I think the only thing you can really do is practice.

Play more rifle play.

That’s normally what I do when Gnasher don’t work.

Verizon fios is a quality fiber line. Its a shame that I perceive this game to be hell bent on penalizing me because of it.

No that’s genuinely how it is in this game :sweat_smile:


This is a known issue and BIG TOPIC. I am in the US California and i see this all the time. Envii and others have helped me as well.
What i have learned is your strategy against hi ping players has to change. use the map crossing will get you downs at 50 % in the KOTH circle you can blind shoot and get one shot kills but with 5 or 10 ft. they can one shot you to your 3 shots.

When sliding in to cover with high ping use back A or cancel the slide just before you get to cover . they will show up after the up a and you have a chance to get them.

I am nothing to brag about honesty. i am just silver 1. I was a 2 but drop so many games to bad ping it was taken away in just 6 games.

Work the map watch power weapon and grenade spawn to help.

the pin issues i big anything above 80 is bad if your are at 35 or below. 2x your ping is fine 3 and about you use ammo.

also if you get the down on second shot just kick them save ammo and the chance it might take a 4th shout.

last thing check your six after a gun battle. it takes so long to get them down that a re-spawn could be on you while your trying to finish.

you are most likely connecting more than you think. check controller settings I play 29.27.27 and .26 then 10 .3 and .1

turn off gore it hurts your view with the life meter in the center.

find a stack team gold or onyx. they can help you cause they can see you battle if they are waiting to spawn and offer tips.

I am a struggling low rank but i did get to silver 2 and trust me as a guy told me last night i am trash…lol
I have an all onyx team i play with and trust me i get destroyed, but my kill count when on that team went from under ten a game to high twenty’s to mid 30’s.

always move use tack com to find your team.

just stuff they guys on here have help me with. you can not beat or change the ping issue so work around it.