Help me find this GOW4 Map (could have been in previous games, not 1)

It was a versus map. I remember when leaving spawn you could either run straight towards boom or go up some ramps on each side. In the middles was a torque bow. When you were upstairs you could shoot down on where boom was picked up at. Felt kind of like a highway vibe I think? Its not one of the most popular maps and isn’t in gears 5.

I cannot find it anywhere and its been driving me crazy

Think its called gold rush, its in gears 2, and also gears UE.


I think you are correct.

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Was gonna say I remember no Gears 4 map that’s got a Torque Bow in the middle with two ramps on either side. Drydock is similar but its weapon spawns are different with no Boomshot.

Was also in Gears 1 PC :wink:


Gears 2 had a mortar,i think it swapped with boom and torque swapped with sniper every round

Yeah i thought that but i wasnt 100% able to convince myself,:man_shrugging:

Did u watch the stream?? I missed the start when they talked about reups, any good news?

I watched the stream, and putting it politely it really wasnt worth watching.

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I thought it could of been grind yard but it has frags n boom over looks them.

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Only noteworthy stream announcements were more things are coming for the 1 year Gears 5 anniversary, and that it seems Reups changes are on track for Op 5. No new maps coming in September so likely we’ll only get more in November.

Not to drag this discussion into off topic territory but seriously, why would you make the XP system 90% time based with terrible rewards to individual player performance(looking at you arbitrary threshold ribbon system) all the while making an extremely absurd XP curve? With all due respects, I was shaking my head at how little sense this made to me every time it got brought up.


Yeah they never really answer questions, they mostly talk about the question so they understand the question then say something not related to the actual question😥

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This absolutely was todays stream in a nutshell.


@eviljas247 well I’m glad I stumbled across thread and this discussion was in it. Both of you saved me some time, I won’t be watching it. Not even a BChaps break down of it.

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That is it! Thanks so much. When I was looking it up the gears 2 version came up and looked so different then what I remembered!

Really appreciate it

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No problem, happy to help👍

That was in gears 4, correct?

Smh. It’s like Night and Day compared to Gears 5. TC might find some inspiration just by revisiting some old content.

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No not 4, sry

All epic maps have atmosphere of some sort, TCs map r all bright clean n boring even the remakes🙄

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Thanks to fans that were crying out they couldnt see a thing on little darker maps.

I loved Bulletmarsh from 1st gow on pc. It had that feeling, grim atmosphere and a suprise factor(besides it also was a RAM eater and probably killed many GPU’s ).

Also process, sanctum, river, day one, mansion from gow 1, gridlock from gow 3(it would be better if it would be darker) were great maps with atmosphere. Also maps with killing zones are more rare than earlier (avalanche, garden, tyro station, security, flood (is that correct name? GoW 2 map)). Now you have only asylum, forge and exhibit.

Magic has gone because of players that cried a lot, cause they get distracted by things or didnt watch out and got killed.

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