HELP!?! Lag Spiking Or Stuttering Issues with the Server, PLZ HELP!

So I’m sure I’m not alone but I’m a PC user the past week and half I have been unable to play Gears 5 due too lag spiking randomly. This makes the game more or less unenjoyable and since the newest update came out its only made the problem worse! I made post in previous threads about the issue and still not received any help as to when this problems going to be fixed,

I really want to play horde mode again but as this issue still hasn’t been resolved there is not much I can do as I do not play the campain.

Please Help!

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I actually posted this issue too here, on ticket support and Nvidia forums, I never got a response or simply repeat the same bs if I update my drivers.

The only way they can at least hear us, is fill this form:

Send your video and any proofs of this, I already did it several times but if more players report it, maybe they have the decency on take a look.

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I’m sure dating the drivers would help, but In my case I’ve already got the most recent drivers and the problem was not solved, if anything, it got worse!

I hope A Dev will read this or any of the many other threads about this issue and let us know what is being done to fix it, Cause to be honest all we want to to enjoy our game without phasing through walls or in and out of existence.

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Its not going to be fixed

The game has never ran well on PC with NVIDIA cards since day one.

Dear lord, it cannot be…

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Mines aren’t as bad as the ones in that video but I get this weird lag where my game freezes and makes this tearing effect with an AWFUL sound that you’d only get from kicking a console while its on.

I have a 2060 aswell. This game will always run best on console at the end of the day regardless of the fps and fov crap PC has. TC has no interest in making it better either because of the low populist on the PC, damn shame honestly.

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For what its worth I really hope your wrong, I 've been a gears fan for along time, though that said I can not say I’m a fan of Gears 5 Or even Gears 4, this video more or less explains why, please feel free to watch or not.

That done with I luved the original trilogy and always will . The comics and novels were also amazing to read, espically if you luv the Gears 2/3 storyline and want more context! Bigluv to Karen Traviss, checkout her gears work here.

From the music to characters, to the gameplay/story. “Frking Couch Co-Op as Dom And Marcus” Ohrah!!?!

True enough the even originals had their fair share of issues but the overall experience was great and offered me some of the best times I had growing up but no matter how bad things were,

Epic Games tried to make the game the best it could be. So I am really hoping here that the TC will try to do the same not let their fans down, atleast not when it comes to something as simple as optimization. Because I’m pretty sure this issue only got this bad after they updated the game.

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I get that same problem, this really weird sound while the game chugs along slowly. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, I never had that issue in OP5.


Laggs when too much fortitudes and randomly


So here an update on whats happened to far. I’ve got a response from a Dev that I should make a ticket which I have already done but while they look into that I 've also tried to fix things using the trollo link that I found on the gears support page, I’ve followed the advice on the webpage and its not good.

Word of warning these folders are hidden you must have admin privileges to see them more specifically find them.

As mentioned earlier the result was not good >_<

Since then I’ve haven’t heard back from the dev’s I really hoping there is some sort of fix to this problem but at this point now 3 weeks later I’m not holding out for much, just wtf am I supposed to do.

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Any fix? Or update

My fps has been wylin since the last update not op7 but the last update of new characters