[Help] Good/Strong class for Horde

I want to know which class is good/strong for horde on higher difficulty!?
My higher class, right now, is Veteran but im pretty sure it isnt the best class for higher horde.
There is no tier list but I want to know your opinion!

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Well if you are newer Veteran is the way to go lol, but Marksman/Demo/any Engi/Anchor/Infiltrator are all pretty dang strong. Only a few classes are really bad (striker is the weakest link btw) so just use whatever you like and focus on Mastering that class :slight_smile:


Alot of classes are perfectly viable for Horde (and Escape). It just depends on how they are played, skill card combinations, player style, what role within the team etc.

Broadly speaking the most popular ones tend to be:


But others can also be very strong as well. Most of them have distinctive playstyles and rely on a decent-ish player to make it work. I’ve seen some players make even the Demolitions look poor because they are not good players, and the Demolitions is a class which in my opinion requires less skill due to the AOE nature of explosives. The Marksman for example is in my opinion, a class which requires more skill as sniping is more precise and a bit of an art. A Blademaster is also fairly high skill because to be good at it you need to have good awareness and good movement.


Haha! Whoops!
I will check online for Veteran builds!
Maybe I will upgarde dmg and ammo regen. 1st!

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Also do a search on these forums for @Hu1k_Daddy as he’s put together some general guides on lots of (or maybe all?) classes. They’re Horde-orientated as well. Some of them are a bit old and the game has changed with sone skills and things rebalanced, but they still give you a good idea of what each class involves. The threads themselves also contain discussion between the rest of us with other information also and ideas.

You’ll probably need to search under character names as well rather than the current class names as they were put together when the classes were attached to characters. For example Keegan was the Tactician back then:


there are only really two different builds you run, one is typical lancer build (Headshot Mastery, Focus, Custom Lancer, Brutal Effeciency, and 5th is either Dug In or Band of Brothers) or you can run the zesty Longshot spam build which uses different cards (Focus, Flank Em, Headshot Mastery, Dug In/BoB, and whatever the one is that gives you extra damage when your damaged is)

Overall is a very bland class in the sense its kind of always the same but for newer players it is golden as it just makes the game on easy mode because you don’t have to worry about aim as much.

Ultimate Cooldown is most important perk with the class in my eyes.

Anyways man welcome to Gears 5, don’t know how long you been on here but consider this a late welcome party :grin:

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I’ll put damage you as the striker<


sniper (fahz) he independent of the map will kill very strong enemies very easily Kait is very strong, but with an unfeasible style of play

Out damage* and it’s doable lol striker isn’t too bad if you’re careful. Just the breaker mace breaking too easily needs a patching.

I came back with Operation 5 playing versus 80% of the time but its now time to go deep in horde and escape (more horde)
But thanks! :smile:

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Infiltrator is pretty neat to play at the moment and benefits from smart movement and mechanics that can carry over from versus. It may take a while to level it up properly though for higher difficulties. If you’ve got a lot of coins to burn then that may not be an issue.

Careful though burning all your coins leveling up one class unless you know for sure you’re going to play it a lot, Just my personal advice.

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The problem with Striker is other classes (Protector and Blademaster) do what they do but way better.

Protector has twice the bleed and with any melee and hits a lot harder with melee (2.3 times as strong) and has an arguably better Stim card (regenerates if undamaged for 4.5s at 6.)

Blademaster is a lot tankier and hits harder than Protector does but relies on Perks while Protector does not.

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if you play on lower difficulties they’re not as awful, but on Master they’re running around with a twig and basically you have no damage resistance, basically by far and away the worst class in the game in my eyes. In terms of melee classes it goes something like this Blademaster>Brawler>Protector>Striker

Only class I see you being able to outdamage is maybe Mechanic or Medic or something, its not your fault the class was lazily slapped together and had zero thought put into it.

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It’s really not that bad lol, it’s above and beyond protector given it can solo any non flying boss with ease with stuns.

Well yeah if your fighting a boss 1 on 1 then sure

Hide around corners where people place barricades and swing against them from wall corners too<.

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Personally, when I’m not the engineer, I like playing as the Gunner.

Healing when causing dmg with a heavy weapon
Chaingun ammo regen
Once maxed your ult is 12 seconds of reflect. Even better when you get reflect hits cause bleed.
Heavy weapon dmg recharges your ult pretty quick
50% more dmg with all weapons
Really fast freezing with a cryo
Heavy weapon ammo capacity
Explosions within 15 meters stun things. Amazing on a salvo
Slightly tanky. Doesn’t go down “as” fast like some other classes.

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