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Help (Glitch) - Gears 4 and ribbons


(Faxyer) #1

Hey guys, hope all well. Hope this is the right place. Long time gears fan. Been playing gears 4 and having issues with ribbons.

I have 138/141 ribbons but no achievement?

The only three i don’t have are the ones which stated arnt needed. ole, kill with each weapon in arms race, and revive all members in team on a single round.

Am i missing something?


(GB6 Kazuya) #2

No, you should get the achievement. I’d double check each individual ribbon, but if not perhaps doing the Arms Race ribbon “ Smorgasbord” (very easy on Co-Op Vs AI) might pop the achievement.

(Faxyer) #3

Thanks for quick reply! Ill try that since its easiest of the three. I’ve looked all and have 1 of each, some 1000s of times for each,

Hopefully will pop with the extra one.