Help getting to Diamond

I’m in Silver 3 TDM with a 1.5 KD and I need advice playing Ranked. Most matches I will do well and destroy the other team because they act like bots and constantly rush us. However I will inevitably always come across a team that loves to camp with power weapons and just stay in one area, My team with always feed them lives and before you know it “Respawns Depleted”.

People have told me to treat every match like an execution match and not to play too aggressive, but I get bored of waiting and staying in one area.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

Silver is an absolute b**** to get out of but once you’re out you fly up the ranks, well that’s the case with me anyways.

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Similar experience. Seems like a majority of the playerbase was put into Silver 1 or 2 during the first week of placements. So there may still be a lot of diamond and high onyx players who don’t have a lot of time to play floating around in Silver currently

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Silver is actually much harder to get out of than higher tiers (that was my experience anyway).
Anyway, play as well as you can, utilized power weapons and learn to headcount so you can keep tabs on players, map control and whether you should expect a flank or flank yourself.