Help, Gears5 Crash to Blue Screen on PC Win10

Hi, I am having a huge problem with the game.

Ever since the latest update my PC has been crashing every single time i play gears.

So Im playing Multiplayer with my buddies on xbox1, Game types are Horde and arcade multiplayer.
Im fine for a few hours, 1-2, then my PC will always randomly Crash and windows will show the Blue Screen crash [CRITICAL PROCESS DIED]

I have to Hard Reset my computer and then when my PC boots my BIOS is all F’d, it keeps trying to boot from the wrong drive, so I have to go Into my BIOS and fix everything to get my PC running again.

this has happened 4 times straight, all related to Gears 5.

side not, when i play campaign this DOES NOT happen, it seems every time im in a MP match this happens 100%

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