Help? Gears keeps yeeting itself

Hey everyone. Not sure whats up but for the past week gears 5 keeps disconnecting from my internet. Only gears 5. Any other game works fine as long as i want. I can play gears for like 30 mins if im lucky. Any idea on a fix? My internets normally good.

More details needed, what platform, during matches are there error codes/symbols that come up, does the device your on lose connection or just in the game, how often, does it fix itself or do you need to restart the game/reboot the device, did anything change is the last week that could have caused this issue (ISP changes, gears update, etc.)?

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Im on pc. Sometimes little connection issues pup while im playing. No error codes nothing. It just boots me off my internet for abit. No other game

Have you tried a uninstall/reinstall of gears 5?
Either way you should send in a ticket, also going to tag @TC_Kilo1062 and @TC_Sera

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Could potentially be port-related. I assume Microsoft Store not Steam?

Not sure whether you have whitelisted the corresponding ports on your router?

Basically sometimes I disconnect too (pretty rare) which only happens if Steam is down for a brief moment. The game is then also unable to reconnect to the servers until I reboot the game.

I have no idea if there is any relation anywhere but the ports are the first thing that came to my mind.