Help for F/As who wish to get to know others

Hi All,

I am thinking of starting up a F/A community night once a week. The idea is that weekly we can have private versus matches for all F/A either looking for a team or looking for an org to represent them in GOW events.

This is strictly for players who are finding it difficult to get into the competitive scene across to teams who want scrimmages.

I will hold the first one during the last week of August and if successful continue it weekly. If you are interested drop me a message.

How will it play out?

Lets say we have 10 F/As who wish to play, i will randomise the teams and we can get started with BO3. This will hopefully be fun and something that people can get involved in who wish to play competitively in the future.

My gamertag is AltecZz, I am very interested!!!

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Add me on Xbox, my tag is Engage MoocH, i will get you in the first match.

add me. xbox gt: iDiRTy DixXLaP

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How you feel about those who might not always be there? I’d love to try and get some games in but work and life most likely will get in the way 80% of the time. Depending on what day in the week.
And location? I’m in Britain and don’t want to be the 100+ ping player, unsure how Gears servers work anymore.

Don 't worry i am in the same position as you, i work full time and hardly get time to play but i am trying to help the competitive players in the community get to know other like minded players. I will split out NA games and EU games, so don’t worry hopefully your ping will be good since i am from UK. Time and date will most likely be over the weekend, but when i have enough players i will message everyone with times and dates :slight_smile:

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