Help downloading the beta on pc

Even with the game pass ultimate for pc, my friend cant dowload the beta, its asking for a code… i tried on my pc and i get the same issue, its saying there’s no device connected… he doesnt even have an xbox, or controller and got the ultimate for pc…


Most probably he didn’t download xbox beta app.

From there, tech test is downloadable…

Edit: Check for an any update for xbox app in Windows Store.

Edit 2: Seems like OP’s problem has been solved by P.M him directly.


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Your friend needs to be on the latest Windows Update which is 1903.

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Thanks guys ill tell him to check both those things :slight_smile:

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OK so, he needed an update.
Now hes downloading it but after 5% it says “something went wrong on our side” (Microsofts side) and just won’t download.

Anyone experienced this?

Thanks in advance :purple_heart: