Help? Controller noob .. Apparently

Is it just me or why can’t i grenade tag? When i equip any grenades and want to tag an enemy or anywhere it won’t tag just changes my weapons. I have tried turning off/on toggle weapon. Reinstalling didn’t do anything but idk what I’m doing wrong. This also affects when I’m holding a heavy weapon like the cryo cannon it wont let me hold and kick downed enemies like I’ve seen people do, it will drop the cryo when i hit B button. When i do the greetings or expressions i can’t select the left option… I don’t think it’s my controller. Lastly when using skills to upgrade weapons in arcade it will not let me press left for grenades… Please help

I forgot to mention I cannot melee when holding two weapons in escape. Pressing B for melee changes my weapons :disappointed:

Have you changed your controller button mapping? You might have to reset them to default.

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Wow im dumb thank you. I didn’t notice mapping. It was set to b…

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