Help, bug in my Game

Hello Community, first of all to say that I am using the translator just in case what I write is not well understood.

It turns out that my character when using a cover cannot duck if I click on the left stick.
I also can’t point to goals.

I’m desperate already, I’ve uninstalled the game and nothing.

some help?

Check your controller settings in the options screen. You might have accidently changed it.

In which section should I look?
I already reset the controller settings in game options and nothing

Press the start button, select options, then select control remapping and check if all of the functions are mapped to the right buttons. It;s easy to accidently remove or change one.

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Oh yeah … I’ve never looked at the button remapping option … :sweat_smile:Thanks!

Make sure Left Click is Left Click in the Button Mapping menu