Hello! This is my first post, I'm looking for help in G4!

I know i am late to playing Gears 4 considering I’ve only properly started playing this month. Anyway im new here, hope everyone is doing well today!

Regardless, I’m looking at hopefully gathering some help in Horde mode and any other mode before 5 is released. I did play with some friends briefly but they’re no longer interested.

I tend to use Scout class. I have decent cards but am open to advice and guidance because ultimately im aware some other players will be better than i am.

I tried playing online matchmaking etc. But most players leave early leaving me with maybe one other player. I’ve resorted to playing Juvie Madness on my own since its relatively easy to do solo.

Essentially, im focussing on the achievements so would like to finish the 10 maps (ive done 4) and maybe the dlc maps if anyone has them. Im open to help with the other stuff because otherwise ill mostly end up playing on my own.

Gt is LunaticDan. Im available a good amount of hours during the day and will happily help anyone with anything they need if they’re willing to assist me.

There’s some good YouTube guides out there (incl some by my friend “Old Cyril”).
Quitting is pretty much a staple of Horde. You’ll want to practice quitting and screwing everyone over until you get good at it.
Just kidding if course. I recommend “looking for gamers” or whatever it’s called. Others here can tell you more about it as I see them recommending it all the time.

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I strongly advise you use LFG to find like-minded players, use party chat and a mic to communicate, and that should reduce the number of quitters you come across.

Also if you come across good players, add them to your friends list. That way you build up a network of trustworthy and reliable players. It’s harder to be obnoxious when you’re in a party and chatting with them.

Also try to build up your Engineer class too. The main necessary cards are green and blue, so the cards are more common drops and don’t take as much scrap to level up.

I’d recommend not jumping into the higher difficulties(Insane and Inconceivable, perhaps Hardcore too) first. People will tend to quit if they see a low reup/level player in those difficulties. For various reasons, but often those players just screw the run over by not having a clue of what to do, so most won’t even try with them. Which is not meant as an offense to them, it’s just that those difficulties don’t allow for players to just mess around. Just level your skills, classes and try to get better. A Dropshot if your friend with any class, on any difficulty(and is somewhat of a requirement on Insane and Inconceivable). Just stick to Casual and Normal first and move on to Hardcore when you feel like you have leveled your skills and classes high enough for it(I’d recommend a Level 5 class and Level
3-4 common{green} and rare{blue} skills for Hardcore at least).

As classes go… well, Scout might not be a bad choice. I tend to use Dodge, Deposit Bonus, Speed Boost, Health Boost and Health Regeneration, if I play Insane or Incon(I refer to it as the “Tank Scout” because this setup allows you to survive a pretty ridiculous amount of fire - very useful for playing a live decoy). It is the class that should technically be the one to pick up the power enemies drop, but some players don’t know that. Or just don’t care. Some pick it up only if the Scout can’t get to it in time. But in the end you should always just try whatever build you like the most. Some are more viable than others and Soldier(class) tends to be not that good unless on the correct maps, if you play it on Insane or Inconceivable because enemies just turn into walking bullet sponges once they get the health boost.

One more advice… don’t play Boss Rush on Insane. It seems to attract a lot of clueless players. Or brainless. Or just straight up incompetent. There’s so many players who don’t use a Dropshot or Radar Ping with Called Shot. Or engis who think their boosted Sentries will carry the team against the 5+ bosses that can, and will, be out. When the Sentries will effectively be almost useless and just get destroyed, so they were basically a less effective decoy. Only thing that is good there as an engi build is having decoys and Overclock on lockers(but that’s an epic skill so you probably won’t have that).

If I might add.

scarp bad weapon skins and characters and emblems. you can get them back later use that to help you level up cards. Buy the operations or horde booster packs with your credits. In the LFG find people looking for speed runners. Get the biggest bounty you can and let the host know what you have they will help you and you will level up your classes faster, Gain experiences and learn the harder horde modes fast.

Most of all listen to these guys. The have helped me a lot. I am just about to make Gold in versus and I thought that was a pipe dream a few months ago.

My favourite part of horde is when I’m in the lobby and I can see all my cards and skins and I can spin my character. I like to play as scout and pick the rarest cards like cloak or X-ray. When the game does start I immediately run to the fabricator and take it to the most remote corner of the map at which point I leave the game.

It seems to make people really happy judging by the incomprehensible messages I get! So happy the community has embraced 0-1 horde!


If you’re still looking for players I’m in a similar boat, especially where Horde is concerned. I could use a squad for some achievements.

Looking for Group is the way to go, people quit for every reason imaginable.
-’‘That guy just took 2 steps to the left and then he roadie ran 4 steps forward, really kid?!?… I’m out!’’
That’s an actual reason, you can’t make this ■■■■ up.

Feel free to add me gt: LunaticDan. Feel free to message or invite whenever you’re playing and need an extra player